► 15 T92s vs 15 CGCs – Ultimate Artillery Battle! – World of Tanks: Face Off #21

World of Tanks 15 T92s vs 15 Conqueror Gun Carriages (CGC). World of Tanks Artillery / SPG Face Off. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series.


I am back with another Face Off episode, after few months break and what a battle this is… Long-waited tier 10 artillery Face Off is here featuring 15 T92s vs 15 Conqueror Gun Carriages. This might be the most beautiful episode, because have you ever seen that many SPGs being destroyed in one episode?


Music used:
Battle Scars 1 – Rannar Sillard
Battle Scars 2 – Rannar Sillard
Battle Scars 3 – Rannar Sillard
From The Shadows 5 – Johan Hynynen
Battle Of Wills 3 – Jon Björk
WoT 8-Ball Special event soundtrack
Log In – Andrius Klimka & Andrey Kulik – WoT Intro Login © 2016
Army Of Angels 2 – Johannes Bornlöf
►Tanks in action:
– USA/American T92, Tier 10 Artillery / SPG
– UK/British Conqueror Gun Carriage (CGC), Tier 10 Artillery / SPG
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wot – Leo gewinnt durch cap ein Match auf Karelia Kolobanovs Medaille



  1. HI:PBYE

    so th et92s are better


    30 sissy cunts to scared and skill less fight their own fight in tank hide in back in easy button arty made just for pc sjw pussys

  3. Joshua Hanson

    Can you do the maus vs thee100

  4. Karel Barták

    I hope all of them have 50% crew… 😀 If not its unfair 😀

  5. It's Hashslasher

    Top ten battles in anime

  6. homelessEh

    prob with gc is its perk is its shell has a steeper trajectory then t92.. it shoots behind obstacles a little better.

  7. ssixtonee

    awesome episode =)

  8. Shining Darkness

    The "blind fire" I would say is inconclusive due to the retarded ability to see tracers thus not actually blind.

  9. That One SS Worker

    Kicked for spamming

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