► 2 NEW MAPS Preview + Double Barrel Guns! – World of Tanks News 2018

World of Tanks Eastern Harbor and Airline Map Preview. World of Tanks New Gun System – MTLS-1G14 Light Tank Preview. World of Tanks T-29 Medium Tank Gameplay.
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My first news episode in 2018 is filled with HYPE… Because I am going to show you 2 new maps, that WarGaming is currently working on.
First new maps will be either „Eastern Harbor“, or „Eastern Port“, or „East Port“, or „Japort“, which is old Hidden Village and Port maps kinda mixed together. The second maps is called „Airline“, at the moment at least.
I am also going to take one quick look at new, kinda awesome tier 3 light tank with double barrel main armament.


►Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet T-29, Tier 3 Premium Medium Tank
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  1. DezGamez

    Today's episode was a bit late, because of some rendering issues… Sorry! 🙂
    But I was finally able to make one news episode about new maps in WoT, huh… Was waiting for that one!
    Whacca think?

  2. Dave Klebt

    2, crap we need 10 more… 2 is not enough!

  3. xXTH123EGAMERXx

    That tank reminds me of the helsing ho on wot blitz.
    1 press 2 shells both 400 dmg

  4. John Garvey

    cock up on the 2nd map already, the lake

  5. kenan nl gaming

    That new map is not wot but wot blitz

  6. VS- Btd

    These maps are about the quality i run wot on:(

  7. Potassium Cyanide

    hey mtls is an old news

  8. Xel Flame

    Looks like they took the idea of japort from the map in world of tanks blitz. In blitz they have a similar map with a hill area on the side, and on the other side there’s warehouses, containers, and a battleship you can drive on with a ramp
    Edit: (or not, I might be wrong but you never know)


    Dis tank was out 2 years ago on Consol but y not drop a like

  10. panda love

    So wtf e100 with two 25 rounddrums over 2 guns?

  11. Just Krasea

    if I'm right, I believe there is a different version of the "east harbor" map on wot blitz

  12. Giannis Kalogeropoulos

    on that bush that YOU see strvs i see arty blind shots… muahahahah

  13. Gabriel Moreira

    I need game in this map

  14. deepanshu sonwane

    It's a Harbour map from World of tanks blitz!

  15. Harley Walls

    they need to bring back all the old maps