► 9.17.1 – New German Heavies, E5 and Grille 15 Nerfed + More! – World of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update

World of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update Preview. World of Tanks News Series – Update 9.17.1, New German Heavy Tanks Mäuschen, VK 100.01 (P), Pz. Kpfw VII (Panzer VII).

List of all upcoming changes:

In today’s „World of Tanks News“ episode I am going to take my first look at our next patch – Patch 9.17.1 update. Once again, this is going to be really big patch with a lot of updates. We are going to receive few new heavy tanks and some old „OP“ vehicles are going to be balance. Tanks like T110E5, Grille 15 and British medium tanks.
German tech tree is going to receive quite big rework, because of 3 new heavy tanks – VK100.01P (Tier VIII) and Mäuschen (Tier IX), plus one new tier 10 heavy tank Pz. Kpfw VII (Tier X) or Panzer VII.
Let’s take a look!

►T110E5 Played by: Tankiabi

►VK 72.01 (K) Played by: GrossSackTreter


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany VK 72.01 (K), Tier 10 Heavy Tank
– USA/American T110E5, Tier 10 Heavy Tank
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  1. DezGamez

    Some pretty interesting things are in the patch 9.17.1… What do you think? Hyped?

  2. Mystic ToMato

    I like how everybody is bitching about how their favourite tank is not invincible anymore.

  3. Emilio S

    Grille 15, realmente una basura

  4. Fabio Lemos

    new tier 10 heavy kpfw VII does not have that damage…unfortunely

  5. Kevin

    OMFG are u fucking kidding me you are fucking nerfing the f Grille 15, you f cut off the f turret traverse to f begin with , now you are making it less damage per minute, What fucking bs , same f shit you did to the f hellcat and u f ruined the hellcat, You know how f hard it is to play the f grille with that stupid fucking restricted turret traverse now u f nerf it too , such fucking bs


    Isn't an update if they don't nerf a German, so annoying

  7. Mauricio Kenway

    Fuck this, i spent a year getting the VK.45.02 B to get the MAUS, and now WG say "fuck you, go back to tier VII, or get this new piece of shit" I even used real money on the VK A. ¡FUCK WAR GAMING AND FUCK THAT SHIT!

  8. Michael Nance

    If they go through with such a large nerf ,  T110E5 will be parked !

  9. Yannis ZockeZ

    The 3. heavy wont come into the game fake!

  10. SabreMetalPanzer

    Panzerkampfwagen. "kahmf-vahgen", in an attempt to type out a pronunciation. Jus' trying to help. MEANWHILE. I think I'm gonna have to try to get my Tiger P back, because I kinda want that PzKpfw VII.

  11. Ethan Jones

    I love the new update so far

  12. yamcha111

    do you get the vk1p and the mauschen unlocked already unlocked?

  13. Eduardo Borges

    Finaly they understood how much centurions needed a buff.

    Still there other tanks that also need a buff. T25/2 tier 7 american td. Playing that thing feels like playing a slow hellcat , whith crap cammo rating and worse mm. Buff it…
    T69 also needs some love. Completely outguned by other mediuns since it released. Aim time needs to be 2.3. Either that or buff the turret dispersion.

  14. Oasis l

    E5 got a nerf?


  15. Dark Wonderland

    ye wargaming is famus abaut the good balancing XD

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