► HE-50M – Full HE E-50M – World of Tanks E-50 Ausf. M Gameplay

World of Tanks E-50-M Gameplay Review. World of Tanks E-50 Ausf M, Tier 10 German Medium Tank.
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My good friend Skill4ltu is back on my channel, with yet another super troll and crazy battle. This time his chat voted for E-50M, with full HE ammunition load-out… What next, right? 😀

►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany E-50M, Tier 10 Medium Tank
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  1. DezGamez

    Well, fuck… This video was supposed to go live in about 12h, but oh well…
    At least it gives you something to watch today, this early in the morning as well! 🙂
    #muchlove #staystrong

  2. crambone t

    Did you see his reticle attempting to lock. Onto every tank he aimed in there direction???!!!.. Lol
    Fuck you

  3. Madude 62

    Wait what?
    Someone is trying to contest Circon!!

  4. Nathan .Star

    At the risk of being called a grouch, shouldnt this get a thumbs down in principle ? Just to get the message across that good sportsmanship is preferable to showboating, trolling, fan challenge etc ? Can unicums do what they like in pubs because "hey, i carry" ? How many failed attempts did this "amazing" outcome require ? How many unfavourable matchmaking fails are we not seeing ? A regular 9-5 worker with a spare moment between commitments sits down to have their evening potentirally fucked over by an attention seeker throwing matches cos they can't pen when required ? Forget that damage done in this game. I wanna know how many losses this game took.

  5. Mick D

    Cool editing at the start

  6. Oğuzhan akova wanted


  7. Smitt Hollenbaker

    claus says hi we appreciate it

  8. Druke 97

    Full he löwe. You will be that new player who buys a tier 8 premium and loads he for more damage

  9. Mark Parkey

    DEZ, i notice your narrative construction with verbal timing as the action takes place. Good job you. ; )

  10. _Damage_Inc

    skill is awesome! i got banned from his stream chat because when skill showed his number of battles…80k+, i joked and said hes still a noob( skill laughs), and skillsgirl, banned me lol, oh well. hes very fun to watch! great video.

  11. blade leo ady

    music name plz 🙂

  12. Yang Ji

    You should be able to do that in Tier IX E50. They are the same fire power with HE, and same armor. Just mobility and health are different.

  13. mahamudra mahamudraa

    any video with the degenerate4ltu gets a downvote from me

  14. J. Knight

    its just funny like you kiddos all loose temper on my simple comment… you really expect the world ro agree with you? wait till you grow up, I have such a laugh, muppets

  15. The great dictator

    now do HE-25 lol

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