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You guys took my first episode in this series with a really nice and warm Welcome… So, let’s make this a series!
In today’s episode I am going to show off one mod that was recommended by A LOT of You, beautiful people, „TheFalkonett’s UML Utilization Project“.
This mod makes moving parts, that should move in this game, moving… It makes secondary turrets turn and, wait for it… FIRE! Yes, with that mod you can actually fire and move your secondary guns and turrets… I am also going to answer to some of your questions from my previous episode about „Hangar Manager“ mod.

What do you think about that? Let me know about more mods in the comments!


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  1. The Falkonett

    First off: I do feel honored Dez. Thanks a lot ^^
    One thing, or rather one person I don't want people to forget, is Atacms. He made the UML (Universal Model Loader). It's basically the programming behind this.
    All I do, is to remodel the tanks to use his features. That's why I'm "utilizing the UML".
    The M56 Scorpion has the opening travel-lock, a rotating fan, breech operation & a moving steeringwheel btw. I try to do as much as I can with each tank.
    And about miniturrets not firing: That feature wasn't there when I did those tanks. Atacms is working on his mod aswell after all, improving it whenever possible.

  2. crippling depression

    Please try m3 lee with this mod

  3. pavlatoar

    it s pity u did show german toaster:(

  4. TheArklyte

    WG could have done it long ago. Both their planes and ships support secondary weapons along as many other mechanics like smoke, bots and so on. On the SAME engine. But they'll never do it because they're just lazy:P

  5. PolskiSebek

    I would love to see tanks such as M3 lee with working turret or OI or KV4 or other tanks with turrets

  6. somehulabaloo

    I hope the secondary turrets are never added.

  7. Gaming Arcania000

    Just play war thunder if you want muliturret tanks

  8. Nis Pompetzki

    is it Compatible with ProMod ?

  9. Kurt Elliott

    The Bat Cave garage is back!

  10. Solomon Samuel

    actually I work for wargaming, and that is just awesome, I will tell my supervisiors Big Like Dez

  11. Jakov Vrbanec

    A-44 with this mode… four machine guns. I really want to see that tank with this mode.

  12. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    In autoloaders they should make the shells ejecting out of the turret

  13. Joseph Gehring

    I installed some of these mods for WOT and haven't played in a few weeks. I just got an email from WG saying I have been banned for 7 days for using illegal mods/bots. Dez, what is up? The only mod I used before this situation was Quickybaby's, then I installed these and got banned.

  14. Dragan Lalovic

    I noticed that you have a T92 as a rental tank. my friend yesterday got M4A1 revalorisé as a rental tank and I did not get anything. How to get rental tank?

  15. The Lord of the Games# Ultro Gamer

    No entendí mi mierda pero like XD