► IS-M First Details – New Soviet Heavy Tanks – World of Tanks IS-M Preview

World of Tanks IS-M, New Tier 8 Soviet Heavy Tank Preview – New Soviet Heavy Tank Line. World of Tanks Object 430 Version II Gameplay, Epic Battle.
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I am back with some more news, because while I was on my vacation, WG announce a lot of interesting stuff. This time I will briefly show you new Soviet Russian heavy tank branch, with back turreted heavy tanks. Let’s start from tier 8, where we can find „IS-M“. This line is special because of its back turreted tanks, with really good armor punchy guns… Sounds Russian enough, I believe. 🙂
Stay tuned for tier 9 and tier 10 preview video as well – Object 705 and Object 705A first details coming up soon!

Let’s see!

►Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet Object 430 Version II, Tier 9 Medium Tank
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  1. Alt Four

    I have a replay file with the KV-4 KTTS in it would you be interested in it?

  2. John Scott

    Surely this is a re-badged chrysler-g ?

  3. Burntheedge Gaming

    this tank is in world of tanks blitz, called the IS-2SH

  4. GoMnSaLo -

    Is 2h

  5. Panzer Tiger

    Why does wg have tanks that have such shitty gold rounds while armour is getting better and better? This only makes armour op and doesn't fix gold rounds


    Dez that thing in World of tanks BLITZ is the exact same as the one u showed & in blitz it’s a premium soviet tier 8 heavy tank with a different name IS-2SH

  7. Jorge Torres

    This tank is also known as the IS2-sh on WOT Blitz

  8. suteners2111

    i dont understand why they dont make new maps? its so fuckin boring to play sigfried line or mines for 1000 time. they are idiots.

  9. Ivan Krylov

    This makes the KV-4 more irrelevant…seriously regretting grinding it right now…

  10. WoT_Mivari

    It's in World of Tanks Blitz called the IS-2Sh

  11. GrumblyDeaD_Z6

    IS-2SH to be exact

  12. M.C. Squared

    Hey Dez how about for a new series you do DezGamez versus Subscribers, where you go 1 vs 1 against one of your subscribers, live on Twitch : ).

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