► NEW HD MAPS ARE AMAZING + Montage! – World of Tanks Sandbox HD Graphics Review

► NEW HD MAPS ARE AMAZING + Montage! - World of Tanks Sandbox HD Graphics Review

World of Tanks HD Quality Maps, HD Graphics Review – Sandbox Test Server. World of Tanks Future, Patch 9.20.1+ Update News.
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Ladies and Gentlemen, waiting is over… Long-waited HD quality maps are coming to World of Tanks. In this episode I am going to give you quick introduction what those maps are all about. I will also give you some gameplay action together with a montage where I compare old maps to new, HD quality maps. In my opinion, it looks bloody amazing!

What do you think?


► Music used from :
– Pawn Shop – Andreas Jamsheree
– Spheres – Johan Borjesson
►Tanks in action:
– USA/American M48A5 Patton, Tier 10 Medium Tank
– USA/American Sheridan, Tier 10 Light Tank
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  1. DezGamez

    Guys, did you get notification when I uploaded this video as well? Or can you see it in your sub box?
    YT has been acting weird lately. :S
    And how did you like that montage? Want to see more about other maps as well?

  2. Benjamin Coltish

    hey Dez I have the sandbox server on ASIA server and the launcher says that it is unavailable, do you know why?

  3. Jackson WU

    Can I use Macbook pro to play WOT with HD maps???
    I could play WOT on macbook pro now, but i am not sure i can use HD maps.
    Can some one tell me?

  4. Adrian Fidi

    without PvE mode , this is just an increase in system requirements

  5. Tom Oliver

    He says it like "H Dmaps"

  6. TX2673XA

    DezGames will WT Auf E100 come back?
    I hope so 🙂

  7. BershkaBoss

    "Your tank gets wet now! And it looks super wet!"
    ~Mr. Dez

  8. Robert Clark

    The maps are undeniably stunning but probably contain all the existing flaws that turn people away from the game. I now play less and less because of the monotony of having to always go to a particular place with a specific type of tank. Making something attractive to look at doesn't make game play any more enjoyable. A light tank taking in the new scenery will soon be seeing the same old four walls of his garage. Are there less corridors for example, can light tanks scout effectively on anything other than a handful of maps, can only heavies spawn in cities. Perhaps what Wargaming should have done is poll its player base – all of them – got rid of unpopular maps, discovered the terrain features that make maps work and then made a set of new, playable HD game spaces. Been following your channel for a long time, keep up the excellent work.

  9. Matthew Farrelly

    Its incredible how gigantic it makes the maps look, having an actual background and not nondescript fog

  10. Ethan Conroy

    I got accepted to sandbox and I made my password and everything but it says, "The service is currently unavailable. We are working on it". Does that mean the server is down or did I do something wrong?

  11. Ilija Stojanovic

    Does it works on medium setings? Not hd just background and trees.?

  12. Razvan Orzescu

    Dez, Thanks for the video man! I liked it a lot. And I mean A LOT! I installed the Sandbox and played myself after I saw your video two times. Apart from the fact that some glitches are present, the many corners and edges, man, the overall aspect is so amazing! I was thinking about The Witcher when I entered for the first time on a map. Crazy graphics and better fps for me too. I have a Titan X (not Pascal) and a i7 4790K and on the normal game I have like 118 fps and in Sandbox with all this astonishing graphics I have 132 fps. Where were the designers of this game for so many years? Thank God they wake up and started doing something to improve the aspect of this game. From the graphics point of view, if they will soon introduce those HD maps, I will consider spending again on WoT! Good Job Wargaming, Good Job Dez with the video, and keep goin' on!

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