► Object 260 – Most Relaxed 1 vs 5! – World of Tanks Object 260 Gameplay

► Object 260 - Most Relaxed 1 vs 5! - World of Tanks Object 260 Gameplay

World of Tanks Object 260 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Object 260, Tier 10 Soviet Russian Special Premium Heavy Tank.
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I am trying to show you as many different tanks as possible, so today I found one super relaxed and calm carry with tier 10 special premium reward heavy tank „Object 260“. Our hero today makes it look so easy, so calm and relaxed, even when there are 5 enemy tanks vs 1 Object 260!

Player: Novikov1986


►Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet Russian Object 260, Tier 10 Heavy Tank
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  1. Robby Uomo

    my video: 1 vs 10

  2. Piotr Marek Kujawa

    Really well played. But 260 is almost impossible tp ierce even with gold. IS-4 was the only tank that could fight him with gold and still would have to shoot ower plate. type 4 and t34 could forget it.

  3. brianq1 Quan

    dat soviet power though…

  4. The Glorious Crusader to take back Europe

    HEAT should do less damage then AP ammo, it has weaker post pen damage

  5. MajesticRaithier

    WHY is the obj 260 not a regular tech tree tank?

  6. Frantic Fugi

    01.22 when comparing to Defender: "Frontal armor kinda same " which means F you WG.

  7. jec112203

    "Beautiful snapshot into the pooper" Haha I died. Earned a sub!

  8. Vern Harrison

    Awesome Video Boss!!!! Thank you so much and take care, Vern

  9. dj lemon

    this guy use mods. and you have upload the replay for what.!

  10. Communist Duck

    that tank looks alot like the obj. 252

  11. Jody Debora

    I never fired premium ammo for the first 2 years I played

  12. Tom Cat

    Good luck for your stuff Dez 😉 waiting u back

  13. John_ good_guy

    perfect battle, over 10K DMG, win, all shots hits/pen and without premium acc still lose credits
    wtf we need to do to make credits in tier X WG

  14. Lukáš Skladaný

    I wonder why russian HEAT can pen tracks and do dmg at the same time and others can not.

  15. George Chasanakos

    one more gold noob.tired of watching OP tanks with gold ammo.

  16. Andy Saltis

    WG should add credits in the game for a player gaining top medals

  17. Alex mhm

    Hit ratio was 100% aswell, woow. Gg

  18. Michael Jordan

    dk why but Dez sounds like a man with a beard that rides bears

  19. Michael Jordan

    12:34 Minute video… Illuminati confirmed