► Object 430U Saves The Rant… – World of Tanks Object 430U – 9.22 Update

World of Tanks Object 430U Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Object 430U, Tier 10 New Soviet Russian Medium Tank. World of Tanks Best Replays.
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Not exactly what I wanted to upload today, special at this hour of the day, but hey… Man’s gotta do what man’s gotta do… When YT is doing tricks on you, do tricks back, never give up! 😛

► Music used from :
– Roadmasters (Instrumental Version) – Suffer City
– Majesty 2 – Marcus Svedin
– Majesty 1 – Marcus Svedin
►Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet Russian Object 430U, Tier 10 Medium Tank
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  1. DezGamez

    It was late, super late, but this is not a reason to lower editing quality! You still get one sexy intro! 😛
    And I know, I was all over the place with my topic today, but after 18h of this BS today, I hope you understand… Off to bed now, nightnight!
    #nightnight #muchlove

  2. Clandestine Reactionary

    Have you ever gotten a hint as to why they demonetize your content? If history means anything, it's likely for some BS social justice agenda.

  3. Christian Norwik

    As I like content you create… I also need to be honest if you upload video with sponsored content/commercial stop complaining about YouTube (owner) that they demonetized your video… second thing if you’re considering YouTube as your main way to gain money you should do your homework…

  4. Veljo Tormis

    Look at how easy is. Take the Russian tank, burn enemys and let it just shoot them .All if you need is russian tank ! 🙂 what a great game.!

  5. Gary Gotham

    Dez, I know nothing about how Youtube works, but is it the victory girls that are getting you flagged?

  6. HerrGrubber


  7. Timmy Kleu

    Perhaps some victory My Little Pony's or Hello Kitties would see less banning.

  8. Scooterpie666

    Dez, I have a very small youtube channel and about half of my videos the icon turns yellow, sometimes after a few minutes and sometimes a few days later, and for what seems no reason at all, but almost every time within about a week they change back to green on there own. Also keep in mind when they turn yellow that does not me demonetized, it means that youtube limits your video to only certain ads.

  9. Radu Cel Mare

    Obj 430U vs T-64 ?