► Object 705 / 705A First Details – New Soviet Heavy Tanks – World of Tanks Object 705A Preview

World of Tanks Object 705A , New Tier 10 Soviet Heavy Tank Preview – New Soviet Heavy Tank Line. World of Tanks IS-7 Gameplay, Epic Battle.
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I am back with some more news, because while I was on my vacation, WG announce a lot of interesting stuff. This time I will briefly show you new Soviet Russian heavy tank branch, with back turreted heavy tanks.
In my previous news episode, I introduced new upcoming tier 8 back-turreted heavy tank „IS-M“. This time however, I have a lot more interesting stuff to share with you. Let’s check out first details about tier 9 „Object 705“ and tier 10 „Object 705A“. Tier 10 heavy tank features 152mm gun, ooh boy…

Let’s see!

►Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet IS-7, Tier 10 Heavy Tank
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  1. DezGamez

    Your friendly neighborhood news anchor never sleeps, not even during Christmas! 😉
    Hope you enjoy your little holiday!
    If you have to work, don't worry, I am here for you! #staystrong

  2. Frodo Beutling

    haha more armor and less pen on gold means more money for WG

  3. Vince Maghanoy

    Yep time to quit

  4. V!Va

    Im super duper vodka excited.

  5. zorin234

    Doesn't look like the Pz7 will hold up besides accuracy

  6. -Trần Lân- Katsix

    Another tank !!!!

  7. Yt faze fan

    Whats the point of tier 8 tanks anymore? Cannon food? Literaly useless against those russian shits with 180mm side armor (sloped) and an is7 gun..,,just broken

  8. Botond Barta


  9. Flavia Pitariu

    We need a video where you shout Russia on every shot you take lol

  10. The Legend27

    It looks to me its gonna have the same INFAMOUS IS-3 weak point on top of the turret

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