► Patch 9.18 – New Artillery, Tier 10 Light Tanks, New Matchmaker! – World of Tanks 9.18 Update

► Patch 9.18 - New Artillery, Tier 10 Light Tanks, New Matchmaker! - World of Tanks 9.18 Update

World of Tanks Patch 9.18 Update Review. World of Tanks New/Reworked SPG (Artillery). World of Tanks Tier 10 Light Tanks. World of Tanks New MatchMaking System.
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Full list of changes with World of Tanks Patch 9.18 Update:

But today, I can finally say that I welcome you from World of Tanks patch 9.18 update test server, it is finally here!
What it brings us? Well, let’s ask what it does not bring us… We are going to get new matchmaking system, artillery is going to be reworked (complete, all-Round SPG Revision) and we are going to get TIER 9 and TIER 10 LIGHT TANKS!

All tier 10 light tanks:
– USSR/Soviet T-100 LT
– USA/American XM551 Sheridan
– China/Chinese WZ-132-1
– German/Germany Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
– France/French AMX 13 105

In this episode I am going to introduce this patch to you, let’s go!


►Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet Object 261, Tier 10 Artillery
– France/French AMX 13 105, Tier 10 Light Tank
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  1. Domagoj Draskic

    Why do I LOVE this guy? Look at him! New tanks, new patch? Dez is the first to cover the topic. He is always up to date. Now why i love, well because you can see the effort and love he puts into his work AND he is listening to our feedback, because he will read your comment eventually, even if its something off-topic. To put it short, he interacts with us, and you can see that he actually cares for what we have to say! Thanks Dez I think its not only me that sees all your love. Let me say one short poem for the end
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Cancer from the skies

  2. Onk3lPuppy

    Just saying: Thanks for all the effort you're "still" putting in dissecting this game and it's updates 🙂 I for one am always enjoying your vid's 🙂
    YOU are to blame for me playing this game again after quite some absence….

  3. XxThe Destroyer xX

    this one with 39$ is jacket;;;

  4. Christian Eichhorn

    In my opinion there there should be a maximum of 1 artillery per team, whereas only 50% of games do get artillery. If the wait time for artillery players gets too long, there should be artillery only battles.

  5. Andrew Patterson

    of course he posts this right when qb does

  6. Joseph Wong

    The nerf to Chaffee's rate of fire and DPM is so much that a fully upgraded Chaffee with Cola, vent, rammer and BIA in 9.18 has worse DPM than a Chaffee with no equipment or perks in 9.17.1. Same goes for dispersion. Even the view range is nerfed so that I can't reach 445m view range without Cola or Binocs, and I use optics myself. How am I supposed to play it in 9.18? I am not playing a weaker tank with better matchmaking. I am playing the Chaffee as it is now.

  7. ASMR Labs

    Why the mega nerv of ELC AMX? All other Tier 5 lights only get DPM nerv. But ELC gets DPM, PEN, Hitpoints and Engine Power nerv. This sucks. I could live with the fire power and hit point nerv. But why take away the speed and accelleration. Thats what made this tank playable. now its the worst french light tank after AMX 38

  8. Lupul Alb

    I only play arty … I won`t be playing wot anymore with this patch …

  9. Tigerdavid

    i think this game is going more bullshit every patch. destroying the game this awkwarf changes.

  10. Joe Momma

    I hate the new artillery and I plan on not playing after this patch.

  11. Marko Jablanov

    151hp damage to a T10 heavy from a T10 arty-sounds great! Why would anyone in their right mind play arty after this patch is beyond me…just kill the entire branch and get it over with,this is not even funny,it`s insulting.

  12. staz blood lad

    -25% = unable to fight

  13. CaptainKolobanov864

    Long waited? 9.17 came out like a month ago!

  14. NJ gamer

    if they use the new stun macanic I'm selling my g.w. panther and never playing arty again (which is gonna make a lot of people happy because there's one less arty player)

  15. miklymick5

    is it a mod that make the circle in the map.

  16. Jonny Scott

    I ordered a shirt and mug so quick…
    Would love to see Heshgasm next, that would be the memes

  17. Gonun

    Some other stuff:
    -Some artileries didn't get stun efect (on testserver):
    -Russia: All < tier 7 SPG
    -Germany: G.Pz. Mk. IV, Wespe, Pz.Sfl. IVb
    -USA: All < tier V SPG
    -France: All < tier VI SPG
    -England: All < tier VIII SPG (!)

     – some of the lower tier LTs are geting nerfed to death like chaffee and ELC… RIP favourite tanks.

    – I have the RU251 right now with 3 skills on my crew But when I go to testserver, I have a free (nice!) HWK 12 and the RU251 in my garage, but the RU251 commander, gunner and driver got retrained to the HWK 12 ?!? Does WG really force me to spend 600 gold to get my crew back in the RU251?!?

    – The premium light tanks like the Type 64 and M 41 90 Blackdog don't get nerfed, but move one tier down in the MM! And Blackdog has this HEP ammo wit 102mm penetration wich is enough to penetrate almost all tier 6 tanks from the front! So we are going to see Blackdogs spoting tier 6 tanks from 445m away and then two or threeshoting them without ever geting spoted…
    WG is seriously afraid of nerfing premium tanks

  18. hd Jayasanka

    new artillery mechanic is more annoying than the last.


    the beast is cominggggggg

  20. Ovni

    You can't lower the max number of SPGs-per-team below 3 because then an all-SPG platoon could never enter battle, and that wouldn't be fair to the SPG players.

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