► Smart, Quality Leopard 1 Battle, Damn… – World of Tanks Leopard 1 Gameplay

► Smart, Quality Leopard 1 Battle, Damn... - World of Tanks Leopard 1 Gameplay

World of Tanks Leopard 1 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Leopard 1 – Tier 10 German Medium Tank.

New week, new episodes… And what do you think if we kick-off this week with something really good for the eyes? I have seen a lot of really good battles with tier 10 German medium tank „Leopard 1“, but „Skeyone2080’s“ battle is going to take the cake for sure!

Sit back and enjoy this amazing, textbook carry with Leopard 1!

Player: Skeyone2080

Music used:
Poison Rain (Instrumental Version) – Suffer City


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany Leopard 1, Tier 10 Medium Tank
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  1. Anthony Lee

    what sound does leopard make? "meow" or "BANG"?

  2. Derro Farm

    Very nice use of tanks attributes and map terrain.

  3. Novem Ber

    Good game. Reminds me of my 15k dmg game on my Batchat. Got lucky with a ammorack on a leopard no less and 4 fires on 4 different tanks.


  4. Brumay

    Buen trabajo. Sigue con este buen trabajo.

  5. pishta13

    Kokot means penis 😉

  6. Jaroslav Balhar

    Dear dez,kokot Is a Word from czech language And it means "Dick"….

  7. Styxx N

    abuse them shitty spotting mechanics hell yeah

  8. Schak_waR45

    Maus didn't have big camo or viewrange..Prot spotted Leo 1 and he just shot on RenderRange 🙂

  9. LeWa

    quicky baby make video of the same replay :DD

  10. Nezalu

    @7:20 video time : kokot means dick in slovakian.

  11. Talon-ted Owl

    Why does QBs video with the same clip get more views? This is a masterpiece! GJ Dez! 🙂

  12. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    same replay you and quiqky baby =)such a great game congratulations for the player that do it!!!!

  13. social3ngin33rin

    Pay2win rounds, much skill XD

  14. Junikornek Mr.T

    word "kokot" is something like "idiot" or "dick" 😀
    btw its czech word and have 2 diffrent meanings

  15. WackyIraqi77

    I'm with the Grille 15. This guy is definitely botting. Or rather this guy is actually what happens when Skynet finally discovers WoT. lol.

  16. Martijn Huis in t veld

    this one was on qb's channel to lolz

  17. Tim B

    Wow , what a game, well back to the basics for me, have to learn some sniping for my Leopard tank then.

  18. meteor_falling_from_the_sky

    Much better (than QBaby's), because it has some spicy chat drama as a flavour 🙂

  19. m1shuC

    I love all the "aimbot" crybabies that popped here like mushrooms after a rain, just lovely!

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