► Star Wars Death Star, World of Tanks Edition – World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay

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In today’s episode I am going to play few battles live with good old Death Star in World of Tanks. I got the idea from my comment section, where people said that they just came from the cinema, watched the latest Star Wars Movie – „Rogue One: A Star Wars Story“ and they would like to see some destruction in World of Tanks as well… By our very own Death Star, „FV215b 183“.

And once again, congratulation today’s winner, winning SU-122-44 and good luck in this episode with yet another giveaway!


Pictures are from Star Wars latest movie, „Rogue One: A Star Wars Story“.
No copyright infringement intended.

►Tanks in action:
– UK/British FV215b 183, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer
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  1. DezGamez

    Enjoy your upcoming weekend and Christmas, beasts! I hope you are going to have the best holidayz! Let's get this going with Death Star in WoT!

  2. Nexfero

    I got ace tanker with my 183 with only 1074xp and I did 8k dmg

  3. Moez El Ouaer

    gimme ur wot account :p

  4. Francis

    his edits are so funny xD

  5. Lordofthellamas

    5 deathstars
    name: Lordoftjellamas
    server: US

  6. Nutz International

    Everytime deathstar showsup it cranks me up. Good video dez.

  7. David Šer

    5 death stars…RokadjiaEU

  8. Ajtms S

    It was a t28 not t26 prototype

  9. Alexandre Glebov

    Beautiful AZZ, Tanker 😀

  10. CROcoolguy CROguy

    beautifull asstanker xD 4:00

  11. Niels Peter Christensen

    5 death stars

  12. Mihai Herberth

    I hate your voice!

  13. 7Triple

    5 Deathstar pics appeared in your video.
    username: 7Triple, EU server

  14. Peti Matolcsi

    5 death star 🙂
    matipeti02 – Server : EU