► STG – New Upcoming Tier 8 Premium – „Swollen Object 416“ – World of Tanks STG Preview

World of Tanks STG Preview, Stats/Specs. World of Tanks STG, Tier 8 Soviet Russia Premium Medium Tank.
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Yet another tier 8 premium medium tank is on the horizon, this time from Soviet Russia… Yeah, tier 8 new upcoming Soviet Russian premium medium tank „STG“… They are printing them like papers, but let’s take our first look at this thing and let’s see what they are thinking about making!


►Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet Russia Object 416, Tier 8 Medium Tank
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  1. Citrus Badger

    Oh, look! Finally a new tier 8 premium! I'm so excited!

  2. Arturas Milasius

    IT F*CKING IS PAY TO WIN !!!!! with premium acc you can use gold ammo !!!

  3. Stalin

    I have a lot of tanks. I can say without doubt that the Object 416 is the worst tank of them all out of the hundreds I have played. I think the only way I will ever be rid of it is to use my 100,000 plus free xp to get past it.

  4. BrawnyLion

    You nerds gotta sit down for a moment. Of course you'd say tanks like the defender and Crysler aren't OP. I would agree but that's only because i know what is the most sensible choice of approach when i fight them in pubs. However i can see why most people would say otherwise. You're selling tanks that a much better than their tier counterparts on the actual line that needs the grind. In that sense there'd be no enticement to purchase your standard tanks when some premiums do their jobs so well. Look at the patriot. Why bother with the pershing and T32 anymore. Defenders in the hands of a good player is borderline abuse. Chrysler basically forces you to use gold unless you get them clean on their sides. Playing with no premium account is harsh when you get games that you need to use gold

  5. Konstantin Grigorov

    The greed of the new owners will spoil a good game / already do with these new tanks with money / !!!

  6. MSsanttuliini

    this is gonna fuck t8 mm in a different way 😛 all obj 416 owners can just imagine couple first days when people figuring out how the efff to steer the tank 😀

  7. Top

    Could they please buff the IS-6 already FFS?

  8. Leroy Mickle

    it looks like the Prem Chrysler… 🙁

  9. F Ö

    Poor T-54 Mod. 1, feels bad man 🙁

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