► T95’s First Speeding Ticket – Mobility Boost! – World of Tanks New T95 Gameplay

World of Tanks T95 (Doom Turtle) Gameplay and Review. World of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update. World of Tanks T95 – Tier 9 USA Tank Destroyer.

List of all World of Tanks Patch 9.17.1 Update Test Server changes:

I can not believe my eyes… I am playing with T95 and I am able to achieve 20kph, on a flat ground, without any help! :O What, is this real life?
With WoT patch 9.17.1 update, yes, T95 is going to receive mobility upgrade, that makes my much loved T95 aka Doom Turtle even better tank! 🙂

Your thoughts?


►Tanks in action:
– USA/American T95, Tier 9 Tank Destroyer
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  1. DezGamez

    I have been waiting that for, hmmm… 4 or 5 years and it is finally happening! 🙂
    Enjoy the video and your weekend, Beasts!

  2. Majid Ali

    is this still the case

  3. Edward Lee

    wish they gave the tortoise a buff it is very frustrating to play and how bad it is as a tier 9 TD,,,, its likely the worst out of all of them, high DPM doesn't mean jack when you cant use it … armour is usless too. was a waste of time and effort. it should be in a class of its own and called – DBAT (destroyed by any tank)

  4. QWE

    7:44.. IS THAT IS 4 USING TIER 8 GUN?? 390 ALPHA??? WTF…

  5. Palkia

    it became a Doom Tortoise Mk. II
    the Mk. I is T-28

  6. Brian Bakare

    when he said ohh yeahhh sexyyy i died lol

  7. A.J. Deutsch

    Guys I got a Patriot One commercial and he can sense guns,,but what if they put one everywhere? It scans guns. I hope it will only be in only schools, stores, and places where guns aren't needed.

  8. ValentinO Black

    Now TOG II has the slowest speed in the game!! 14km/h that's bullshit.

  9. Lettuce Cat

    Wait a sec, noticed your flags on the tank. Are you estonian?

  10. Michael Montalvo

    "I don't know, am weirdo like dat…" I'm fucking crying! hahahaha

  11. Jos Rimmen

    thx for the vid. A lot better for t95….

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