► Third Person Only Challenge – World of Tanks Challenges #7

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World of Tanks: Challenges series is back after half a year of break, finally, right? 🙂
My previous challenge was about tunnel vision and a lot of you wanted to see „Third Person View Only“ challenge, so this is what I am going to do next.

Challenge #7: „Third Person Only“
* Third Person View Only
* Top Team Damage
* Top Team Experience

Sniping in third person view turned out to be harder than I first expected. 😀

Check out what happened!


Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet T-62A, Tier 10 Medium Tank
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  1. DezGamez

    Okey guys, let's try again… 😀 First time I uploaded wrong rendered version, with some derps and black screen. 😛
    But let's GO, challenges are back!

  2. YehoMilk

    Most damage on the team (at least 1,000) only by ramming, and platoon mates count towards this total.

  3. WoT Hog

    Very difficult CHALLENGE IDEA: Only drive backwards the entire battle. Only the A-S-D keys allowed, W key prohibited. Everything else ok!

  4. Esclyter R

    E50 only raming game.
    You had to be top dmg without shooting, only raming are allowed

  5. CouLT 4444

    when does a new "world of tanks past" video comes out?

  6. Salman Jaher

    Must aim with arrow keys!

  7. James xie

    Top on EXP and Team without taking a single point of damage.

  8. Norhafiq Norizad Munky

    hey dez. what about this challenge? > NO MINIMAP

  9. slizerdk

    Ambidextrous Challenge!! Only mouse in left hand and top 3 in damage.

  10. worldgetter

    don't waste challenge!
    – First in Team damage
    -3rd Person
    -miss/wasting ammo = failure

    have fun 😀

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