► THIS IS AIMBOT… And Cheating! – World of Tanks Auto-Aim Hacks

► THIS IS AIMBOT... And Cheating! - World of Tanks Auto-Aim Hacks

World of Tanks AimBot (Auto-aim), Cheating and Hacks. World of Tanks Strv S1 Gameplay.
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Today I have one really annoying video for you… Video about someone using aimbot in World of Tanks… Video about cheaters in World of Tanks.
I hope this shows you the difference between replay lag/bug/issues and aimbot, auto-aim, cheating or however you would like to call it.

And please, keep in mind that WarGaming has tools and methods to deal with players and mods like this.
DO NOT be stupid and DO NOT USE ANY ILLEGAL MODS YOURSELF. You will be banned from the game you love!

Player: …
Replay: …

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Mystery Trailer 4 T60 – Magnus Ringblom

►Tanks in action:
– Sweden/Swedish STRV S1, Tier 8 Premium Tank Destroyer
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  1. DezGamez

    No words… And this aimbot didn't give him ANYTHING in this battle, easy shots anyways. All it did is, it gets the player banned. 😀
    Please, do not be stupid and do not use anything like this yourself. You will be punished, you will be banned!

  2. Ada Sd

    Haha! You know what aimbot gived him ? Better STATS! Coz there are peoples who cant seleep,if they dont wank on their stats first!
    This is all what they want,so they can blame on others,who just get home from work and like to have some fun,not everybody take this blood seriously! Most of us just like to have some fun,just switch off after a hard/shit day,and this is what wg froget! Its a game,should bring fun,but since 1.0 all we got is headache,and with the latest downdate its not only EPIC FAIL but totaly ridiculous as well.
    The fact that this programs are still runing,not supriseing anyone im affraid. You can say oh hell yeah wg working hard to stop them…. aham.. this is why we just watched this video,coz they working so hard XD bro…. time to find something else,withs is brings you fun,and help you relax!
    You know what ? 🙂 Slowly i think tetris was better than this now! And this is a double LOL !

  3. oeoe oioi

    when he cheating 100% give name

  4. Llathrum Marine Mechanic

    Been complaining about this shit for awhile, but no one at World of Turds looks for this beyond who is buying the newest tank for sale.

  5. SkyNNyy ZxT

    legit you are playing you fag

  6. ToySoldier //Subscribe ME

    WoT pc player react to Aimbot:That's cheating
    WoT Blitz:Auto Aim on Target when spotted,normal…

  7. Marko Mustonen

    Good game is serious cancer with theese illegal mods…

  8. mrcaseopener

    For what do you need an aimbot in wot. You can see the enemys through cover if they are spotted … what a waste

  9. David Marks

    I think in EU and US they do something but SEA forget it, I moved from US to SEA and oh my god cheating is too much over there. Its all about the win, not about fair play.

  10. Ryo Mario

    I don't know what's the big deal with people using aimbots… I too tried it out ages ago for shits and giggles for a few battles and I performed way worse than without it because it wasn't able to decide which weakspot to aim at, or maybe the aimbot wasn't set up correctly but I don't even care, aimbot is only useful to give lead when aiming at a moving target, but that's something I already mastered, so the aimbot for me was completely useless, my ingame name is RyoMario, you can report me to WG if you want. They don't give a shit, I have atlest 2 friends playing with hacks for years now and guess what? they haven't been banned.

  11. Dom Shaw

    i tried aim bot for one week – wanna know how its works and whats the advantage , also used destruction mode one week for free – mostly those mods r for real money …. its hughe advantage 🙁 was doin snapshots from OI in full speed for like Cromwell from 300m and killed him … that is sick and should be banned … yes my wn8 rised like hell in that week but that was not fun 🙁 and games should bring fun 🙂

  12. Bender Rodriquez

    everyone aimbots, unless your a youtube faggot that doesnt know about it. You'd be surprised how many people aimbot, and its very common and free to use

  13. The Walking Dead

    people who cheat at online games ,they are stupid as shit ,i mean they played 5k-10k battles then they go for cheats its insane…

  14. Jonathan Stoltz

    I didn't see any shots that he made that I haven't seen claws otter simp players make countless times. Even if he was using aim bot it didn't help him enough to call it cheating he maybe got one more shot than without

  15. Boeserfreund Boese

    100000 of user's undetektet….have fun 😉 with the cheaters……kotz

  16. nicolad

    who have a code d'invitation

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