► VK 72.01 (K) – CRAZY FEAST FEST! – World of Tanks VK 72.01 (K) Gameplay

World of Tanks VK 72.01 (K) Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks VK 72.01 (K), Tier 10 German Special Premium Heavy Tank.
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Let’s welcome upcoming weekend with some more epic action in pretty special tank – „VK 72.01 (K)“, tier 10 special clan wars reward heavy tank from Germany. For some reason I do not see that tank too often on the battlefield, so it feels even more special when I can feature it in super crazy action. Let the feast begin, in patch 9.18 with new matchmaking and with a lot of lightly armored tanks. 🙂

Player: _Going_Commando_

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Maximum High 3 – Jack Elphick


►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany VK 72.01 (K), Tier 10 Special Premium Heavy Tank
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  1. gavinc74

    that pta lol

  2. Brendon Benoit

    Isn't this tank basically the pz VII new tier 10 German heavy just with a different gun? Cuz I have an app on my iPod for tanks in world of tanks and world of tanks blitz for iOS and android and they have the same hull, armor, and same weak points, they look exactly the same other than the gun, the vk has a gun with longer reload but more damage

  3. WOT Clown

    Going Commando = Not wearing any underwear 🙂

  4. Matthew Robinson

    Present uncertainty Hispanic chef secondary nothing initiative top.


    A Soviet flag on a German Tank is like a sexy woman with mustache :v

  6. Lewis Sargent

    Shame, most tier 10 games i get are 15 v 15 tier 10, not as much feasting as we wanted 🙁

  7. Corvette Dude

    Dez I thought you had your own clan a year or so ago?

  8. Nitrohk

    the way he says TAUSEND – like arnold

  9. flea

    Simply awesome gameplay and skills!!! Great video and as always you info commentary was excellent! take care, flea

  10. Paul griffith

    CHALLANGE– British Full Low Pen HESH Load Out. It's near impossible not to get yelled at. Lol.

  11. mark lyons

    going commando loves domino's pizza

  12. Sgt Grumpy

    Check out the hit by arty @ 10:42 . Arty should have won that battle .

  13. Bass Junkie

    E100, Maus, Pz.Kpfw. VII, VK 72.01 (K), E75, Mäuschen & VK 45.02 (P) are nightmare when I'm in my Type 4 Heavy. I never fire gold because I actually spent the time learning the weak points. I would use the 15cm but where the challenge in that?

  14. Kekulus Rift

    Why do you comment the entire replay, as if you were commenting it to the guy who played it, not just people viewing in general? The use of "you" is really getting annoying. Christ on a bike man.

  15. John Smith

    does stunning reset cap? if it does than its not worth capping

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