► World of Tanks 9.3 Update Trailer [1080p]

► World of Tanks 9.3 Update Trailer [1080p]

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After 2 days of editing, finally finished my unofficial World of Tanks Patch 9.3 Trailer.

Hope you Enjoy!

9.3 update brings us a lot of new things, going to make full patch notes episode as well, so stay tuned!

Full list of new tanks:
* U.S.A.: T37 (Tier VI), M41 Walker Bulldog (Tier VII), T49 (Tier VIII).
* U.S.S.R.: LTTB (Tier VII), Т-54 Lightweight (Tier VIII).
* Germany: Spahpanzer Ru 251 (Tier VIII).
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  1. Bender Alive

    прикольный скрейч!

  2. Regular Logic

    gratz on front page dude!

  3. DJ Gaming

    This is a Brilliant trailer, looks very professional, you have one more sub!

  4. clockyro

    @ 0:26 , car wheel hanging in the air. fail engine physics.

  5. Nij4m1990

    The Tansk show nice. Nice Viedeo is was very intressting

  6. Koen Verhoeff

    Wauw Dez nice vid. very nice editing work you sid there.

  7. Voislav Gjorceski

    Very very pro video. GJ DezGamez.
    If u ask me u can double your viewers very fast if u make vids like this one and spend quality time on sharing them.

  8. Nathan Hood

    Wow Dez. That is actually amazing! Great job man! You should seriously think about sending it in to Wargaming! Hats of to you!!!

  9. TheMusicislife95

    Good job Dez, Jingles shared the vid on facebook.

  10. Exadarion

    What song do you have playing in the background? i love it

  11. Nanopizza Videos

    0:29 Whats the tank on the far right? I don't believe I've seen it before, is it some kind of new super tester tank?

  12. Mario2x2Sk

    yes yes flying cars !!! 0:25
    finnaly 🙂 wait… this uptade isn t about cars ? D:

  13. tielknight

    I think you have been watching too many Micheal Bay movies 😛

  14. MrTomro


  15. R.A.

    Nicely Done DG! u should be proud of this piece of Art!!

  16. Stefano Santoni


  17. Flukey Luke

    0.26 is a flying car, good job wargameing ahha