► World of Tanks – 9.7 – T-54 First Prototype Review & Gameplay – New Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank

World of Tanks Patch 9.7 Update T-54 (Mod. 1) First Prototype Review and Gameplay. World of Tanks New Premium Tank.
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With WoT Patch 9.7 we are going to get 2 new premium tanks as well – M56 Scorpion and T-54 First Prototype (Mod. 1). In this episode we are going to take out first look at new tier 8 U.S.S.R. premium medium tank – T-54 First Prototype.

NB! No information about the final price at the moment!

List of all new French tanks with patch 9.7:
FCM 36, Tier II Light Tank
Renault R35, Tier II Light Tank
Somua S35, Tier III Medium Tank
SARL 42, Tier IV Medium Tank
Renault G1, Tier V Medium Tank
AMX 30 1er prototype, Tier IX Medium Tank
AMX 30 B, Tier X Medium Tank

Your thoughts?


Tanks in action:
-USSR/Russian T-54 First Prototype, Tier 8 Premium Medium Tank
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  1. Badiu Stefan

    Please make a review playing with tier 9 or 10. Thank You!

  2. Mark Hewson

    I bought it, so I could train my crew for T-54, Object 140, T62A. I like it, it makes credits

  3. Zach Balov

    Gosh, this is great content, ur channel is horribly undersubscribed :/

  4. Ca11mero

    Where are you from by the way? Finland? Must be some "Finno-Ugric" language atleast ^^

  5. Martin Pedersen

    Sorry, but your hard to understand.. sounds like you got a cottonball stuck in your mouth.

  6. MojaMarowakŠolja

    lol put title on video your english is harassing<!

  7. Vytenis Kajackas

    this tank has 3 worth to buy and 1 no so far

  8. Iron Stash

    can this tank be a crew trainer for t-44? the commander on the mod 1 is also the radio operator yet the commander on the t-44 is not, that's the loaders job, wouldn't there issue with crew training cause of the difference?

  9. Skrub

    T-54 first prototype is a rather strange tank. lol

  10. Victor Smith

    just bought this tank tonight and i fucking love it lol

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