► World of Tanks: Artillery Special – WARNING! – RNGesus #32

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After collecting some pretty crazy artillery clips, here is artillery special RNGesus episode for you!

Sit back and enjoy the video!

► Music used from
– ES_Sad Drama 10 – Anders Mörlin
– ES_Funny Times 3 – Martin Klem
– ES_Sleepless Nights 5 – Magnus Ringblom
– ES_Fun Under The Sun 14 – Gavin Luke
– ES_Maxwell Pump – Stefan Netsman
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  1. Hamza Dabir

    hey anyone knows how to shift from vertical artillery mode to the horizontal one ???

  2. endre1989

    Yesterday i was one shotted by an arty. Funny fact: i was in my maus….with full(3.2k) hp. 🙂

  3. Peter Lervik

    you are the scourge of World of Tanks for playing these infernal tanks



  5. Christian Brooks

    8:49 'merica

  6. venim TheGamerBG

    how did u got in the side view ???
    pls respond

  7. ARBUN_World_of_tanks NA

    Hope everyone who play arty get hemorrhoid that never let him sit normally to play this game

  8. TheOneWhoPlays W.o.T.

    I have an arty replay for you Dez, I'll send it to you in a few days

  9. mark brown

    Great unbelievable awesome clips of Artillery destroying their targets matchlessly, it's pointing out that Arties are not as vulnerable as you think and if you think so "THINK AGAIN"!!!

  10. Ernest Gross

    This illustrates some important tactical principles:
    1. Don't clump together in tight groups; it just makes it easier for enemy arty to make multiple kills and damage.
    2. Don't go in one at a time to make the kill; go as a group. Going one at a time just makes it easier for the enemy arty (or any other type of enemy tank).
    3. Don't knock over trees and destroy buildings unnecessarily. You may not be spotted, but you may be targeted anyway and killed blindly.

    Thanks for showing us these amazing and hilarious excerpts!

  11. dávid bényei


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