► World of Tanks: Battle Royale Mode Victory Gameplay [Sandbox Server]

World of Tanks New Battle Royale Game Mode Gameplay. World of Tanks Sandbox Test Server.
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This is going to be a little extra, surprise episode for you (and for me as well) with WG’s latest new game mode called „Battle Royale“. Seems like even World of Tanks can not get with some Battle Royale action.
What you are going to see is one pure gameplay, without any commentary where I was able to get a little victory.

Keep in mind, this is a World of Tanks Sandbox test server and everything is still in development!


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►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany RU251, Tier 9 Light Tank
– German/Germany E-50 Ausf. M, Tier 10 Medium Tank
– USSR/Soviet Russian Object 140, Tier 10 Medium Tank
– China/Chinese WZ-111 5A, Tier 10 Heavy Tank
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  1. DezGamez

    Well, isn't that a surprise… I was so surprised that it left me speechless. 🙂
    Sorry (or not sorry?) for no commentary this time, because I wasn't able to use my microphone… But I still wanted to show you some Victory gameplay action in WG's new Battle Royale game mode on the Sandbox server.
    As always, keep in mind that everything is still in development!

  2. Mikołaj Kościucha

    Pro Tip:
    If you'll use Repair or Med Kit, yout HP will restore by 400 points

  3. Agamemnon

    Little early for April Fools Joke, but quite an elaborate one.

    Wait? Are they serious? If that is supposed to work as a regular game mode, they have a long ways ahead. No strategic looting, no choices regarding equipment and yet its all random drops… Winning is pure luck of the draw. As it stands it lacks crucial components. Nice experiment… now go back to the drawing board!

  4. Giovanni Tessarine

    Wow dez what a amazing game mode, really potential don't you think?

  5. Marian Pasol

    Awesome mod

  6. Frostdraken 5

    It just needs giant tank suppressors Uber camo nets and smoke launchers/shells and that would be the best thing ever.

  7. social3ngin33rin

    Kind of weird but it works for a tank setting. It takes some realistic and arcade mechanics, then smashes them together.

  8. FastDucky Gaming

    Really PUBG in wot

  9. Quit

    So… is it available on the sandbox server already?

  10. The Wolf

    Nice heads up Dez. I guess that is why we can't get more new maps, new game mode……maybe……

  11. Imagine Matthew

    Looks very interesting I'm excited!