► World of Tanks: Deathstar Strikes Again + Crazy Teammates! :D – HESHGASM!

► World of Tanks: Deathstar Strikes Again + Crazy Teammates! :D - HESHGASM!

World of Tanks FV215b 183 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks TVP T 50/51 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T49 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Yesterday, while I was streaming, I had many really awesome and interesting battles and today I decided to share few of them with you! 🙂
You are going to see exactly why I love my FV215b 183 so much and why this is my favorite TD in the game!

►Tanks in action:
– UK/British FV215b 183, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer
– Czechoslovakian TVP T 50/51, Tier 10 Medium Tank
– America/USA T49, Tier 8 Light Tank
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wot – Leo gewinnt durch cap ein Match auf Karelia Kolobanovs Medaille


  1. Archonof Doom

    So sometimes even 183 can't pen a light tank…bullshit?
    That amx1390 would be a one shot maaan

  2. Luck

    Why is there an estonian flag on your tank?

  3. Péter Marton

    Who the hell is that guy on the picture of the video? Really nobody cares/or everyone already know?! 😀

  4. David Mah

    lol… one shell as big as the tank itself (on shooting that T49).. funny!!..

  5. wtf kinda name is that

    Word uf denks

  6. Boris Kljaic

    you hit his side above the tracks and ur shot overmatched the side armor of 50mm auto penning him 😀

  7. Arox Dtm HD


  8. martin Rasmus

    hmmm Estonia flags… could be that your from?

  9. Comrade Legion

    That shot penned because the 183 side armor is basically a giant weakspot in itself. It's really not much of a sidescraper when it comes to bouncing 😛

  10. Vernon Harrison

    PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!!! Great job on this video Dez!!! I can't wait to see your review on the 9.17 update brother. Can't wait!!! oldman out!!

    Take care, flea

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