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Hey guys! Close hitting 3,000 subscribers and I feel like I need to give you something back! So that is why I am hosting a little Gold Contest!

Giving away 2x 2,500 Gold!
Does not matter in which server you are playing!

1. Games must be played in 8.9
2. Upload your replays to
2.1 Add comment under this video containing:
Description about the game…
Link – everything what is behind
(Example: /site/377152#malinovka-shipthenutz-t18)
3. Contest lasts until 7th. november!

Happy Hunting!


  1. 1st_PanDa

    where we can find your mods plz?

  2. PorsgrunnsGutt12

    When will you announce the winner(s)??

  3. Wafu

    Can we still send stuff :3

  4. that guy

    Tier: 6
    EXP: 1749 (with premium account)
    Damage: 2645
    Description: so close to a kolobanov medal but a miss cost me the game

  5. FuseNet

    Guess I'm too late to the party… I tried to upload the replay as soon as you announced the competition, but 8.9 upload wasn't working at that time.

    Why this replay? Besides beeing a good game in the most interesting tank class: It's The f*cking PRINCESS with the most awesome dessert camo available!!!1 ;-P aka: Tier 7, Comet, 1766 normalized XP. (>3k dmg, 1.7k spotting.)


  6. jeremie murray

    Map:  Severogorsk
    Date: 11/9/2013 11:00:37 AM
    Vehicle: Jagdtiger
    Exp: 6,220 (x5)  Credits: 64,710 
    Achievements: : Top Gun, Sniper
    5.2k wn7 match

  7. lndomitabIe

    Tier 6: 
    EXP: 1,290
    Damage: 2,378
    Posted before deadline but was marked as spam and is gone after the youtube comment changes.
    End up with Tier 8s, We start at top of Prohorovka and go down the 1, 2 lines get pushed back whilst getting some kills and watch the panther next to me taking hits, Lose most of the team , They push our cap which is when the fun starts. I'm left against a T25/2 and and lorraine 155.Won it in last 8 secs with with one shell after last.

  8. AirRunner97

    Nooo, today is the 8th november and now i have a replay wich would be good enough, saidly to late :C gl to all the others who made it in time!

  9. Marcin Śliwa

    Tier 7 1887 exp (premium) – daily double – 3774  3104 damage – 1840 spotking damage. Playing Tiger – Patrol Duty medal 🙂
    My team was camping on hill near base in Swamps – i go and light some targets with my binos mounted. 

  10. czarli009

    Pretty interesting game with some action and fails.

  11. FX Films

    Tier: 5
    EXP: 1012
    Damage: 1358
    It's a game in my Crusader getting my mastery badge and saving the game 😀
    Link – /site/414982#ruinberg-gracz1868-crusader

  12. ZuckDezNutz

    So many good games inhere.

  13. Ignas G

    when you will announce the winners?

  14. Paweł PlutaS

    Tier 6 Vehicle: Cromwell 
    Exp 1904 Experience received: 5 720 (x2 for the first victory each day)
    Top Gun, Sharpshooter, Radley-Walters's Medal

  15. Tastaturtester De

    Tier: 4 ; Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs
    EXP: 1702 base exp. 8510 x5 with prem account.
    Damage: 1401
    Description: Watch me unload the power of my mighty Luchs and turn this match arround.
    link: /site/413558#sand_river-germanhero18-pzkpfw_ii_luchs

    And a 2nd one

    Tier: 9 ; G.W. Tiger
    EXP: 1567 base exp. 7835 x5 with prem account. (not even 1st class -.-)
    Damage: 6941
    Description: Arty safe zones are relative.
    link: /site/413570#pearl_river-germanhero18-gw_tiger

  16. PorsgrunnsGutt12


  17. PorsgrunnsGutt12

    Tier : 10. EXP : 2598 ( x2 ). Damage : 7 k ( 7000 ). Im playing in my T110E5 on Tundra i got 7 k. s/ite/410542#tundra-gullungen-t110e5

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