► World of Tanks: How to Install Mods – Patch 9.9 Update – Clean World of Tanks Modpack

World of Tanks How To Install Mods. World of Tanks Modpacks, Patch 9.9 Update.

In this episode I am going to put one age-old question to rest, hopefully. I am going to show you what mods I am using, how you can get them and how to install them.

Hopefully this video is going to answer to all those questions!

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►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Gabris Lenny

    thanks dude 😉

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    thanks very much!!!!

  4. David DeSilva

    thank you you help me and i love your mod they are the coolest.

  5. ernesto colon

    like your voice and the muisic

  6. Peter Kováč

    Windows defender has removed it 🙁

  7. Petter Bjørge

    lol my pc denied cus of antivirus

  8. jorge bazan

    How do you uninstall it?

  9. ThePassword333333

    this vid is frking useless…. everyone knows how to install mods with .exe file -_- we need tutorial for the non .exe mods that comes with bunch of files you cant just double click and install

  10. Captainsillyguy 001

    it still work right?

  11. nojus rupsys

    yes its workded thanks so much sub+like :)))

  12. jorge bazan

    Thank you so much! I wanted mods so much! Thanks i subscribed

  13. Token Tanker

    THX i always wanted mods and now i have them Thank you again i gonna subscribe now and watch al your viedeos 😀

  14. Liam Cole

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  15. DaBass Bassplayer

    Great video and i wish to use this mode but, it works on the NA server too?

  16. Richard B

    Great work Dez, thanks 🙂

  17. Alex Iwanejko

    Dez din't i notice or there is no autoequip/autotelescope? That's the most valuable mod for me

  18. Ionut Gagiu

    I was using svatekl2 (however you spell that!) but this looks super. Thanks!

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