► World of Tanks: Japan vs China – Heavy Tank Line – Tier 1 to Tier 10 – Face Off #18

World of Tanks China Heavy Tanks vs Japan Heavy Tanks. World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series. World of Tanks Japan vs China.


Back with another Face Off episode. This time I am going to line up Japanese heavy tanks and Chinese heavy tanks, so, some serious metal in action! You are going to see some pretty surprising results.


Music used:
From The Shadows 5 – Johan Hynynen
From The Shadows 8 – Johan Hynynen
Forest Run 5 – Johannes Bornlöf
From The Shadows 10 – Johan Hynynen
Tense Excitement 3 – Johannes Bornlöf

8-Ball special April Fool’s event soundtrack

►Tanks in action:
– Japan Heavy Tanks, Tier 1 to tier 10
– Chinese Heavy Tanks, Tier 1 to tier 10
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  1. Jeff Cooper

    I still side with the Chinese heavies because they are more mobile and more accurate

  2. Martynas kukulskis

    germany vs SSRS

  3. Uros Andric

    wz tir 9 is noooob

  4. Matej Velican

    You need reaaaaly high IQ to play Japanese Sumo tanks…

  5. MZC 23

    Type 95 destroyed face to face by same tier light tank hmmmm

  6. Yuki Yami

    Wait, why they don't test the HE or HEAT ?

  7. oni weathering


  8. Gurke PlayZz

    Do a vid french TD´s vs german TD´s!

  9. Gurke PlayZz

    the 113 cheated he angled a bit

  10. M games

    round 3 was no fair

  11. Russian Yolo

    6:04 lol 420 damage

  12. Eddie Alv

    The players should only shoot their tier no gang up on one tank

  13. Skyline711

    PLZ DO CHINA VS USSR and Japan vs Germany

  14. petr s Shakes

    pleas czech tanks

  15. wolfmanboss r cbc

    chinas ht line vs is 7 line

  16. Oasis l

    So this is a joke.
    I haven't seen this video yet and I'm making the claim that the Japanese will certainly dominate.

  17. Nazi Germany

    war thunder is better

  18. Gorkem Yılmaz

    france vs usa autoloader face off

  19. Madtuber 58

    now trump is speaking the truth about china

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