► World of Tanks: Mäuschen Gameplay/Preview, New Tanks, HD Tanks, Map Reworks!

World of Tanks Update 9.9 Review. World of Tanks Mäuschen Live Gameplay Commentary. Patch 9.9 HD Tanks, Map Reworks, Buffs and Nerfs! World of Tanks Patch 9.9 Test Server Action!

►List with all the changes, buff and nerfs:

A lot of you wanted me to take a look at patch 9.9 test server. A lot of things happening with this patch. They are trying upgrade game performance for weaker PC-s (finally), they are finally buffing M46 and M48A1 Patton, VK 45.02B is going to be replaced with new tier 9 beast Mäuschen!

So sit back and let’s see what is going on over here!

►Tanks in action:
-German/Germany Mäuschen, Tier 9 Heavy Tank
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►Mods I use:
Oldskools modpack:


  1. Tiger's Playground

    Not impressed with this new German tier 9… I loved my VK4502B. Glad they are at least keeping it and making it alternative branch with a new tank. I hope the new Tier X for this branch is good!

  2. Jakemine_01

    mäuschen means little mouse

  3. Andrejus18

    OK, so WG creates this tank gives him good armor and then on top of his turret place HUGE cake huge hatch to anyone can penetrate him. wtf ? show me tank from soviet tech tree with this fcking weak spot…… It could have been a good tank to play …

  4. Don Merkle

    I believe one of your associates on You Tube read off Wargaming's plan for the VK.45.92 B and stated: If the VK 45.02 B is already grinding its way toward the Maus, then it will remain the same, as already is. If not, then expect to proceed to the Maus via Tiger P….

  5. Jamie

    LOL that a maus can get stuck like that…

  6. Brad TheEarl

    Have you got a new mic or something? You sound different

  7. TX2673XA

    Mouse Mouschien JgPz E100 , E100 slow and shiet tanks. Only armour…shiet gun dmg penetration wtf. I wil play something else soon.

  8. Kraftsman Sheng

    fake ass ugly fake ass tank that doesn't even ever designed in blueprint

  9. Amaroth

    Your voice sounds pretty strange suddenly Oo.

  10. chi uhauha

    not replacing the vk45 02b, new line being added