► World of Tanks: Pz. II Ausf. J – Pay to Win Demon – Panzer II J Gameplay

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Is World of Tanks pay to win? No!
Is this tank pay to win? Yes!

Today I am going to feature one of the most ridiculous tanks in World of Tanks, Tier 3 light tanks Panzer 2 J or Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J. There is nothing more annoying than facing this stupid demon on the battlefield. I am not going to say I wouldn’t do that, but still… 🙂


Player: Sheriff_of_Megaton

►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. J, Tier 3 Premium Light Tank
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wot – Leo gewinnt durch cap ein Match auf Karelia Kolobanovs Medaille



  1. Zafran Orbian

    I really like killing this tank in my Marder1 (FCM Pak 40)

  2. shelbycobra427

    please explain how the hell I got this tank for free with an elite permanent paintjob

  3. Expierement_1

    how much did he bounce?

  4. sebas aguilar

    Stop crying about that tank the cruiser with the 93mm howitzer destroys that tank all the derps in tier 3 rape that pz

  5. Sh4rki3 SWE

    Upcomming 252U seems to be pay to win. Or at least broken for tier 8 games.

  6. Casper

    Well when i saw a Pz 2 J with my Cruiser Mk 2 i wasn't scared at all, Pz 2 J is easy to kill if you have a 94mm gun in tier 3 😛

  7. Andrew Agustin

    would rather have an su 76i

  8. Misha Medvedev

    A ha, I have one (on blitz) and I rarely ever use prem rounds

  9. Szlejer

    Another ignorant rant about this tank… Now it's fairly balanced by the power crept high-pen guns and TDs in the lower tiers… Severely limited by low mobility and match making. The Pz B2 is FAR more overpowered because the t4 only MM.

  10. Eugenio Dublan

    I most expensive tank in the game is probably type 59 G aka the golden tank . only sold in the Chinese server at about 300$ .
    it make tons of credits and experience tho

  11. oinked

    FYI, the Pz2J didn't "used" to be an expensive bundle only tank. I can thankfully confirm. I'm not a seal clubber though… honest.

  12. Corvette Dude

    DezGamez this tank was sold via box sets from Russia for NA server on eBay for $1500 so 100 euros is dirt cheap.

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