► World of Tanks: RNGesus #4 – Saviour of The Day!

World of Tanks RNGesus series. World of Tanks RNG/Funny/Epic/WTF/Fail/Win Moments Compilation Video Series. World of Tanks RNG Moments / Derp Moments.

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Another RNGesus is here! Hype is real, because in today’s episode you are going to see few pretty SICK game changing plays, few epic „saviour of the day“ shots! 😛

So sit back and enjoy another doze of RNG action in World of Tanks!

► In this episode, once again, I am going to be able to give away premium tank codes to everyone who are sending me RNG clips:
4 x T-127, garage slot, 300 gold, 3 days of premium!

PS! If you sent your clip last week, you are still able to win, because I have created a little „backup“ for myself with clips!

Feedback is always #1 information to see what you think about it, so please do that. Comment, Like, Dislike… whatever helps me to see your reaction.

Now sit back and enjoy!

►Music used:
– „SpongeBob Trap Remix (TheKrustyKrab) [TheRakeHornPipe] [ORIGINAL]“
– „ES_Funny Times 3 – Martin Klem“
– „darix togni – Digi GAlessio“
– „ES_Band Having Fun 2 – Anders Mörlin“
– „ES_Playing Around The House 3 – Victor Ohlsson“
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  1. YoMommas Cookin

    player at 4:30 using aimbot

  2. kempo_uk

    what graphic settings do you use I have mine all maxed out and still run 130 fps but the dust and explosions on your vids look awesome mine never look that good yet my graphics settings don't go any higher.
    am I missing something.

  3. TheGamingVirus55

    Russian Accuracy: The Bigger the Number, The more accurate it is.
    Arty Accuracy: The less you aim, the more likely you hit

  4. Lars Kraus

    aaah didn't think of that series. Yesterday I hit a Leopard 1 on Redshire from about 1400 metres away with my T92 and penetrated … while I was turning my tank (aiming circle as big as the screen) and he was going at full speed.

  5. Prancer

    Do not underestimate the power of the reverse slope defense!


    we have got one fool here cause one dislike.

  7. Смехуран Тумбачков

    song ?

  8. Metz's Mayhem

    First time on the channel.  This video had me absolutely in stiches!!!  Great music, clips, etc. subbing foo shoo!

  9. Vern Harrison

    Finally more wot games. Armored War, sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great videos of WOT sir!!!!

  10. wtfyo

    Last one – nice jump !

  11. Clever Snoopy

    I love all your videos! RNGESUS too!
    I sent to your email today of a gameplay in my kv85 and i blown up a t-34-85 at the last 5 min of the batt. I hope u will make RNGESUS #5 because i love it.

  12. William Smith

    Great sound track,loved it.

  13. Pilot S

    Keep up this series

  14. CroLuxGAME

    Thanks for putting my BC arty replay, I knew you would like it, and if you remember way back when my ISU 152 replay on your channel 😀