► World of Tanks: RU 251 – Size Does Not Matter! – Spähpanzer Ru 251 Gameplay

World of Tanks RU 251 Gameplay Review, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Best Battles.

Back with another epic battle episode and today I am going to feature one light tank gameplay – tier 8 „Spähpanzer Ru 251“ is fearsome light tanks with fast firing gun!
Check out how „WorldofTanker2“ is going to carry his team to victory, with tier 8 scout, in tier 10 matchmaking!


Player: WorldofTanker2
Replay file:

►Tanks in action:
– German/Germany Spähpanzer Ru 251, tier 8 Light Tank
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wot – Leo gewinnt durch cap ein Match auf Karelia Kolobanovs Medaille



  1. crazie_killer

    11 HE rounds WAY to much for an Ru 251

  2. MrXcman92

    this guy made playing a light tank look easy.

  3. Max Mustermann

    it's spähpanzer, not spahpanzer (pronounce the ä roughly like the a in lag)

  4. YoMommas Cookin

    Don't much care how Worldoftankers was talking to his team.

  5. Vernon Harrison

    Please Subscribe folks!!! Great gameplay in the light tank! You always bring us the best!

    Take care, flea

  6. Blaze(A-C-E)

    That pronounce of Spahpanzer was perfect dez 🙂

  7. 05Hogsrule

    SHIP, …ya know, long day at work, finding two segments on the channel, with a tall glass of Ice Tea, really helps take the edge off.
    Good segment and congratulations; again, showing great games.

    Like the part of the pause, discussion and zooming out of the camera to show the tactical concerns, who is or is not looking one way or another, covering zones, flanks, all good for the younger players to see and hear.
    Thats what I like about you and HF-15 (I miss him, hope he is well); both of your channels brought so much to the front page.

    well done. Find yourself some home-made chicken soup, with few slices of fresh bread and get better!

  8. CrazyDutchguy

    High Explosive Piercing?

  9. Caribou le crasseux

    i'm sorry but if the ennemi team wasn't a BOT's Gang …

  10. Abdul der Klappstuhl lol


  11. D65

    Dez you sounded a little bit under the weather in this video, Or is it a new mic?

  12. Schießplatzverwalter

    +dezgamez google will help you to pronounce it 😛

  13. Snippsnapp Gaming

    STRV 103B just got buffed dpm

  14. Arrivederci

    holy sheeet that replay


    WTF 12 HE

  16. onebigfatguy

    A great game for sure…but did he REALLY need 12 HEP rounds? I mean I MIGHT carry 5 max for my tanks with HESH/HEP

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