► World of Tanks: Stupid, Broken or Just OP? – T110E5 and STB-1 Gameplay

World of Tanks T110E5 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks STB-1 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

Today I am going to show you 2 really nice battles that I had few days ago with „T110E5“ and my newest beast „STB-1“

►Tanks in action:
– USA/American T110E5, Tier 10 Heavy Tank
– Japanese/Japan STB-1, Tier 10 Medium Tank
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  1. Bryan Nieves

    As an E5 driver mind you I'm not the best world of tanks player 0_0 I'm pretty average with a 52 percent win rate. the E5 is the best seal clubbing tank. the turret on top is not a weak spot cause I've bounced heat shells so many times from it. hull down in a hill or crater it's pretty.much unpenable unless you're outflanked or arty ruins your day. I honestly believe it needs a nerf and badly. I love the tank but let's be honest even the lower hull is about 283 angled I believe I'm not too sure. I've bounced shots from Jageru's with it lol

  2. IceStrikke77

    The E5 is stupid, broken, and Overpowered

  3. Nightcore CST

    With He everything is possible. ^^

  4. TrapMpG

    i dont think ive ever not been able to pen e5 lower plate with 180 + pen

  5. Red Offset

    All the tier 5-7 heavy tanks are OP. I'm not so sure about anything higher than that because it's impossible to get any xp when all the churchills and KVs one shot you with their ridiculously powerful guns.

  6. Sveer Ler

    WoW i knew E5 was OP!!! when i face E5 in my E100 it's hard.

  7. Kava Tava

    I killed t110e5 in my (t7) bulldog. e5 actually has very soft ass. i have bigger problems penning is7, is4, e100 and maus.

  8. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    I like how every e5 player claim it's easy to pen the lower plate of the e5 when I bounced 7 perfectly aimed shots on the lower plate of an enemy e5 in my is4 and bounced all 7 times. 260 pen bounced. at point blank range while he auto aimed heat spammed me to death In 2.7 seconds. it's usless to fire heat at e5 it eats it and keeps on trucking. It's unfair. the commanders hatch was the perfect ballancer for the e5. a hull down e5 now a days is not kill able. Iv seen jagpze100 heat shells fail to pen a hull down e5, it's god mode and it pisses me off they won't re nerf it. They need to nerf it back to when it first came out. 203mm of turret armor. Crap copolas. it would make it more ballanced even in prebuff e5 it comparable armor to is4. I get my roof sniped by on the move e100s every fucking game so don't tell me the is4 is heavily armored it's like the type 5 heavy when somone sees you effectively angling they load the heat. while I can't even load heat for e5

  9. DaVinceFTW

    it's not over powered at all beyond op

  10. Sholva

    Biaised video for a biaised title. You chose a replay where you face complete retarded tomatoes, I guess you didn't install XVM so we can't see their redness. You could stomp on these dudes with any tank, really.

    The lower plate on the E5 is HUGE, not easy to hide against a wall (because of its egg shape, you can still hit it without angle penalty or better yet, the side armor). I pen the E5 frontally with my tier 8 tanks, even premium ones, all day. Even with my scouts.

    The turret, I pen it with gold ammo all the time.

    So, not OP. Especially compared to the IS7 which has a truly impenetrable turret and magic side spaced armor.

  11. Ricardo Carmine

    The E5 is fine

  12. Gavin McCarthy

    PLaying against shitty players can make any tank op.

  13. Mr. PoPCorn

    where ya from DezGamez?

  14. MrHammerhead08

    @ 6:15 that could not have been a spartan medal, most likely that was the cool-headed medal. In order to get spartan you have to have your HP at 10% or less and bounce a shot and obviously not die.

  15. Bo Danville

    If they nerf it we will blame you dez lol. Problem is wargaming could end up nerfing it by longer reload and weaker armour. So guys be careful what you wish for remember what happened the Foch 155 they nerfed it to shit to the point its not really playable anymore. Lets hope the E5 stays as it is we need an odd op tank here and there 🙂

  16. Marilicious

    Is7 was a noob he could have shot your turret ring and oenned but he didnt he could have done 1.5 k damage

  17. joshua hoppe

    look at the maus against 8s? they can't pen it at all to

  18. remco moerland

    16000 exp earned? 1600 you mean?

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