► World of Tanks: Super Conqueror & Soviet M4A2 Sherman Loza Specs Preview

World of Tanks Patch 9.20.1 Update Preview. World of Tanks New Super Conqueror, Tier 10 British Tank. World of Tanks M4-A2 Sherman Loza, Tier 6 Soviet Premium Medium Tank.
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Patch 9.20.1 update in World of Tanks is behind the doors, with a lot of balancing once again.
And also, my number 1 favorite tank in this game, FV215b, is going to be removed from the tech tree and replaced by the new tier 10 British heavy tank „Super Conqueror“.
In this episode I am going to take my first look at Super Conqueror’s specs, let’s see what this tank has to offer. On the top of that, I can share first information about upcoming tier 6 Soviet Russian premium medium tank „M4A2 Sherman Loza“.

What do you think?


Conqueror: _Roller_

►Tanks in action:
– UK/British Conqueror, Tier 9 British Heavy Tank
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  1. DezGamez

    Sorry for no upload yesterday, but better late than never!
    Here is some more information about new, upcoming tanks in WoT. 😉

  2. Gabriel Altland

    Of course the soviet sherman goes faster because why not

  3. AmarothEng

    If that spaced armor gets counted as spaced armor, this may actually be nice middle finger for heat spammers.

  4. Faalhaas Mulder

    Dealer funding fight charge try monument pop extremely.

  5. Kommander Kraken

    People still willingly play this piece of shit?

  6. Kalingga karamitta gunawan

    i was so sad, cuz i've been aiming for FV215b since i plays this game :((

  7. ZZstaff

    As you know, the stats for the FV215b [at least mine] is: RoF 6.9, Aim Time 1.7 That means a slight nerf in exchange for spaced armor. – The standard round penetration is [edit: NOT] good except for soft spots face on, and will be worse after heavy tank frontal armor increases in patch 9.20.1 Also, the 120 pen rounds are currently HE, so, I doubt that will change. – The new tank may be a little better when hull down, however, I do not expect it to be a great lead tank as was suggested earlier by WG.

  8. Mister X


  9. Sveer Ler

    Doesnt the current Tier 10 British td have -7 degre's of gun depression ?
    and this one doesnt have rear mounted Turret and still gets -7 degre's? what is this, WG logic ?

  10. TheUltimateVillain

    Lol Was hyping for the chieftain and…nope. Seriously?!

  11. Akeem Snave

    i still at conqueror and i'm sure i'll miss out on the fv215b
    have school and this is such bad news
    fv215b also my fav heavy tank irrespective of that engine fire

  12. MrDeepzek

    I have so many tier 6 premium tanks already cannot even count lol come on WG do something better for the game

  13. Stefan Badi

    Why did they replace the FV2158 again ??

  14. Ado Dudic

    I'm hoping it won't WoT all change Specs FV215b…?

  15. Thomas A. Rodriguez

    Are they giving the FV215b an HD model?

  16. nick hemmers

    Ooooh look a m4 revioli but then a russian premium

  17. nick hemmers

    I think most tanks have a problem keeping all there shells