► World of Tanks: T110E3 vs T110E4 – The Battle of Boomsticks! – T110E3 and T110E4 Gameplay

World of Tanks T110E4 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks T110E3 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Live Gameplay Series.

In this episode I am going to answer to one of the most FAQ’s… Which tank to choose, which tank is the best – T110E3 or T110E4?
Let’s play with both of them and let’s see if we find out something.


►Tanks in action:
– USA/American T110E4, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer
– USA/American T110E3, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer
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  1. Shelby - Agar

    I have t28 and i road to to e3 i prefer this 🙂

  2. Luka Magaš

    e4 or e3 take obj.268

  3. Jack Frost

    Best TD game I had was 9.6k damage in a E4. I only died because 2 dumb E100s and a Tortoise wouldn't listen to me and help. I killed JG100, E100, E5, WT tier 9, and a medium. Got killed by a 140 and a 215B that had less than 600hp between the both of them. The game ended in a draw because the Tortoise stayed in spawn, E100 got itself killed and the other had a broke engine so it couldn't find the 2 guys.

  4. Michael Erdos

    i choose the T110E4 because the armor is not as good as the T110E3 but, you do get a chance if you are flanked by mediums and you have a fully rotatable turret so u dont have to show ur underbelly to ur enemy and it makes it easier to snapshot and face your`e enemy more fairly. Plus with the T110E4 u get more bang for ur buck in my opinion.

  5. Bobby

    after they buffed e5s turret there is no reason to play the e4. 2/3rds of the e4 turret is a penbox. e3 or e5, simple as that

  6. BoomFlare

    I prefer e4

  7. christian rowney

    i think that you should do e4 vs e3 in 10 v 10

  8. Sam

    I have both with one mark of excellence on each (not that impressive, I know), but I personally prefer the E4 for the turret.

  9. Marco Snel

    gr8 comparison keep on going!!!

  10. Blitz Court

    I prefer the e4

  11. bastion 54e

    they should of had the guns exact same as each other because there's only one difference in the two tanks

  12. E M

    E4 armor is garbage vs decent players. That alone makes E3 a winner. Why would I play E4 anyway when I can just pick E100? 😛

  13. Karel Kuus

    did you had Estonian flag on the e3?
    becouse im from there!

  14. Leroy Mickle

    I feel your pain, when you r winning like that and your team mates decide to cap is the worst. I don't like either. awesome replay by the way.. 2 thumbs up

  15. timmyp34

    the e3 is just the biggest POS on the game above tier 6. the gun never hits, when it does it never pens, and i get penned frontally all the time. of course if anyone sees your rear you burst into flames. i am thinking you are a secret arty player, because arty loves the e3.

  16. Alexander Zsák

    Lol 69 premium day!:)

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