► World of Tanks: T110E4 – Hidden Heavy Tank – INTENSE!

World of Tanks T110E4 Gameplay Review. World of Tanks Gameplay Series.

USA’s T110E4 has some hidden talents, you can easily treat it as a heavy tank and today you are going to see one really awesome gameplay with it!

►Tanks in action:
– USA/American T110E4, Tier 10 Tank Destroyer
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  1. Balithazzarr

    Good looking tank. If I can focus on one line this should be my first top tier. I love my t28 prot.

  2. Matthieu Antoine

    T10e4 master of none

  3. Freddy Prentis

    only the intro is all it takes to make me laugh

  4. Skandalos

    You didnt play it as a heavy in this one though …

  5. Chrizerker

    what is the name of the mod that shows the team health at the top

  6. finnisdog _

    Your keyboard is so loud

  7. Kreatos

    I gonna buy you a mouse silencer ^^

  8. Queenie

    Dez, Can you let me know what Mods you use?:3

  9. ya boi

    I finally got my T95E4 😀

  10. Jonathan Stoltz

    Cept it's not a heavy tank

  11. Muddy Boots

    Nice one, good commentary. Liking the keyboard

  12. Shinenigans WoT

    dude i was getting ace tanker with 3.5 k dmg dont ask me how hell i dont know 😀 but i know that i wasnt spoting like a boss 😀

  13. 82McKinley

    Love the E4, underrated tank and does block enough damage to play as a heavy.

  14. eliteassassin

    Dez your voice is amazing.

  15. Alexander Stoyanov

    Your mom rolls pretty high dez :DDD

  16. Georgian Guy

    I'm on my way on E4 but gosh that T28 prototype is a hell 🙁 who balanced this tank and said hey let's make it's max speed 18 km/h and i can barely reach that speed 🙁

  17. Rastislav Štefánik

    Where are ladies from battle results? 🙂

  18. Vampire Count

    in that first game that dude was right, his team sucked balls, so i kinda feels for him 🙁