► World of Tanks – Update 9.7+ News | New Map – „Overlord“, New Tanks + Changes

World of Tanks Patch 9.7+ Update News. Main Topics – New map called „Overlord“. Changes with old tanks and new tank, called „Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger“.
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Hello there!

Patch 9.6 is up and running, so it is time to take our first steps towards World of Tanks Patch 9.7 and even further. In todays news episode we are going to talk about new map, that is going to be here with update 9.7 – „Overlord“. This is Normandy Beaches landing style map and it really does look pretty badass. Can’t wait to test it out. Most likely going to make an epic trailer for that as well, as we did with Stalingrad map. We are also going to talk about some changes with the game and with some old tanks + first quick look at new tier 7 premium tank – „Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger“. Is it going to be good or good? 🙂

Enjoy the episode!

Your thoughts?

Information from:
– Wargaming EU
– FTR Blog
Tanks in action:
-USSR/Russian T-62A, Tier 10 Medium Tank
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  1. Jan Smit

    Ze germans

  2. roop46b

    is he saying???????

  3. TheKoderius

    great video – except for your LISP who killed my appetite…you sound like your mouth is full of marshmallow.

  4. MrOliRo

    can you please tell me the name of the ends track ?
    thanks a lot, great video also!!!

  5. Nautilus1972

    Brings me back to Medal of Honour!

  6. That Mythical Beast Bro

    The FV Come ONNN

  7. Phoenix

    yeah but alot of maps got removed. also the the more accurate armor rating the germans HT are starting to get left behind especially the e-100 and maus the e-100 has too many weak spots and is penned basically no matter what you do because of the tanks getting in some cases more pen or roughly the same especially the tds like the 268 which makes no sense because of the shell size the power behind it and the length of the barrel it shouldnt be 303 on avg i think some tds over-perform while others under perform (foch 155 and jg pz)

  8. Nathan Tkac

    iv seen battle field having more and bigger maps

  9. Misaki Paris

    its gonna be Amazing with many new feactures the game will become probally Epic

  10. N_E_R_A_A_A

    when is going to be the 9.7 update

  11. slap_my_hand

    I want better graphics! The grass looks f**** ugly!

  12. Azazel Evil

    how much damage you have given???