► World of Tanks: USA vs British (UK) Medium Tanks – Tier 1 to Tier 10 – Face Off #11

► World of Tanks: USA vs British (UK) Medium Tanks - Tier 1 to Tier 10 - Face Off #11

World of Tanks UK Tanks vs USA Tanks. World of Tanks Tank Face Off Series. World of Tanks 15 vs 15 Tank Battle Series. World of Tanks British Tanks vs USA Tanks.


Once again I have something different for you, today. How about nation vs nation?
In today’s Face Off episode you are going to see UK Medium Tanks vs USA Medium Tanks, from tier 1 to tier 10.



►Tanks in action:
– UK/British Medium Tanks, Tier 1 to tier 10
– USA/American Medium Tanks, Tier 1 to tier 10
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  1. terminator1199

    what was the name of the music?

  2. Dragunov302

    I love my Pershing with the big 90

  3. Tommy1198S

    Rush the field.

  4. George Preston

    God that cent7/1 was a bad player. As wee seen when he was fighting m48 on last battle

  5. George Preston

    I'm a real in game situation the cent 7/1 would use HESH with 480 damage and 210 pen

  6. Vladimir VIP


  7. Tokii no Nichijō Seikatsu

    if Centurion 7 use 2nd gun, it'll be able to defeat patton

  8. Finnsein

    AMX CDC vs T49

  9. Julian Dales

    Thanks DezGamez, useful demo, but to see tin can Centurions circling around in open plane situation is asking for unrealistic result. I never play any of my cents with exposed hull, just a death wish situation. Of course, I know you understand hull-down.

  10. ChristianMan 777

    Please do 15 shermans (tier 5) vs 2 Tiger 1s and 1 Tiger 2s 🙂

  11. Matthew Hamrick

    Crusader is op it killed the m48 Patton #nerkcrusaderWG

  12. Tyler Purdy

    I like both!! I'm getting both tier 10 tanks for sure, for the most part it's not the tank but the driver….. This isn't real life btw it is a game so you can't say oh in real life this one or that one is better…. it does not apply lol.

  13. Christian Ng

    USA turreted TDs vs UK turreted TDs

  14. Sebendun

    next mayybee cromwell vs t34-85? 😀

  15. kyle jones

    There is no way to tell who wins because both nations tanks were made for different roles and situations

  16. YDDERP

    this was weird the score kept on changing when america was winning on the line

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