► WZ-111 Model 5A, New Tier 10 Chinese Heavy Tank – World of Tanks WZ-111 5A Preview

World of Tanks WZ-111 5A Preview, New Tier 10 Chinese Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Patch 9.19.1 Update Preview.
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In today’s World of Tanks News episode I am going to take a little bit deeper look at new, upcoming tier 10 Chinese heavy tank „WZ-111 Model 5A“. At the moment at least, seems like this is going to be standard tier 10 heavy tank in the Chinese tech tree, which is just super awesome news. We have received so many premium tanks already, about a time to get some standard tank action as well. So let’s see if this tank is worth getting or not, let’s see how it stands vs „113“.

► Player: mikke96


►Tanks in action:
– China/Chinese 113, Tier 10 Heavy Tank
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  1. flea

    The 113 is awesome but the grind sucks really bad. Also the WZ 111 14 is very good in tier 9. Take care my friend, Vern

  2. R. Hyland

    7 degrees of gun dep? This is a chinese tank we're talking about right? They're all very happy tanks. They can't be sad ;_;

  3. TheTankingGamer

    You know it's bad when I saw this vid I thought "Another premium?"

  4. Вячеслав Храмов

    via aspect face review positive infrastructure.

  5. Justin A.

    so is this tank going to be in all servers or chinese exclusive?

  6. tmarcus309

    Don't sound to bad. I'll add it to my "one day" list. One day being after I get my 'Merica tier 10's all unlocked.

  7. Mihai Dan

    This tank will make IS7 look even worse…

  8. Pal Cabral

    I don't get it. You are featuring WZ-11 5A but showing a video of a 113?

  9. Stephan

    To me it just seems like a generic heavy tank, there is nothing special about it that makes me want to grind it

  10. rob lucci

    stopped playing wot for months now but if this dude came in IAM getting it.

  11. sara z

    better than is7?

  12. Srbski Seljak

    Dez,can you make top 10 fastest tanks in world of tanks,maybe?

  13. 05Hogsrule

    SHIP, another reasonable segment on yet another new vehicle. Thank you.
    I would like to see this in more exclusive T-X games before an opinion is made.
    I did notice it shooting through the upper chassis of 704, this thing looks like it will just roll along with 400+ shots, nothing to stop it (using standard AP).
    Serious elevation for the pain in the ass maps like Mines or cliff, but still, as I see it, it looks good (so far).
    Gun Depression on the other hand, trying to climb the glacier side of Mountain Pass to push an attack, have to see from the experience or training maps how that shows up (how much armor is exposed for the result.

    the 130mm gun, brings some damage, but at least got SOME accuracy.
    I am skeptical of it brawling face to face with that kind of armor.

    Need some more games when it is all sorted out. This thing didnt fight enough Tier-10's yet for the video. Lets really see it have to hump the damage they throw at it.

  14. Stalin

    Is this better than the 113 or what?
    Also, its total bullshit you have to use the shitty WZ1114 for 400,000xp and you only have once china heavy crew…..

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