1. Drake Emmons

    take a drink everytime he says ummm

  2. Markus Potapenko

    What is the intro song

  3. Dylan McKay

    intro song?

  4. Simeon Jones

    All you have done is explain exactly the same things the tutorial/ tutorial videos already tell you.

  5. David Wilson

    I try just to get passed the first screen and it takes me to the news feed and updates forever

  6. Ethan Williams

    What's your gamer tags on Xbox live guys??

  7. Josh gt-

    what is that intro song? 

  8. Dun Hilda

    Hm something missing…. a bunker

    Why do I feel this console version will have less cover? I love to see their cities.

  9. Dun Hilda

    Arty isn't meant to be a speedy tank it's meant to sit in a location hidden raining down hell on your enemies.

  10. Brian Le

    it would depend on the tank. if you say research a gun on the previous tank then you can just buy the upgrade and not waste your time using a worthless cannon. remember research not buying with silver that is optional

  11. Noah Smith

    So can u just skip all the upgrades for your current tank and get the next one or would that make the next tank weaker?

  12. Gumball Gilbert

    thanks for the tips is there anyway to get gold free all im getting is silver

  13. stealthmonkeygamerUK

    Did u buy gold or was that free with the beta?

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