2 Great Light Tank Games in the Type 62 – World of Tanks

2 great games in the Chinese premium light tank, the Type 62 from World of Tanks. Light tanks can be tough to play, but when players can use their advantages – mobility, camouflage and view range – its possible to win through in what look like hopeless situations!

Type 62 Review

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  1. AgingJedi

    Have a great weekend everyone! Type 62 Review here –> 🙂

  2. Awestryker

    lol I remember that game 😉
    I luv playing light tanks…

  3. Drex Maverick

    And oh yeah, I get stuck with far too much critical hit garbage …

  4. Drex Maverick

    RNG is what I keep telling people. My "luck" is horrible. It's not because I don't aim well. Not all my bad rng is about shooting. A lot of times I'm taken out and never able to get a shot or damage in … or the team is so functional, I'm virtually useless.

  5. Cobra6 Gaming

    Familiar face, Alienslive! Very well played both of them 🙂
    I'm certainly picking this tank up when it comes on sale during the Christmas Calendar.

  6. alienslive1

    thanks the video! After the LT mm changes I love this tank.

  7. 4exgold

    The North Korean fella at the end really liked spamming his gold

  8. roguecrt

    One of my favorite tanks despite the poor gun depression!

  9. RM Hampel

    now that's some good gameplay! Thanks for posting!

  10. Пантелеймон Кошкин

    I thought it was bundle, not bondle

  11. Adrian OK

    Hey AJ mind me asking if you have any tips on the AMX 12t I just got it today cheers!

  12. 276tank

    12.06 How did the type 62 and the enemy light tank start with 1 kill each before start of the game? 🙂

  13. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    that bundle have any of the great premium light tanks?? LOL

  14. Brucalizer

    Eurgh, games like these really show the potential of light tanks, but I'm just too crap to make the most of them!

  15. Marek Piršel

    actually with that view range and firepower Lts have now they are free hp on the battlefield.

  16. Termisium

    Why are the siluets and scoreboard on top purple in your replays and red in mine?

  17. Andy Cullens

    Nice games/commentary, boss, as usual! Re-deploying or re-positioning, AJ? Hehe, sounds great, nice word, but you don't want him re-deploying mid game for another "tour"! Best he finishes his current Tour of Duty…

  18. Master Chief 00117

    I completed all my Light tank missions in my Type 62 in 1 week. Up to the Object.

  19. Wanys123

    Shouldn't side of Churchill be "immune" to HEAT? isn't there like an armour on the outside of tracks, and the like a thin armour that like holds the tank together?

  20. Domen Zupanc Mušič

    Bad play for shooting heyt in kv-122

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