500 Subscriber Special || The Map Control Gold Giveaway? || QSF vs -B2C- || World of Tanks

500 Subscriber Special || The Map Control Gold Giveaway? || QSF vs -B2C- || World of Tanks

Thanks so much for 500 subs, really does mean a lot 😀 – Sorry for loads of small mistakes in the video in terms of commentary, I was too busy trying to say map control a lot, this is not a regular video and you will get guaranteed regular videos for the next 2 months on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays so please make this one an exception 😀

Giveaway thing rules:
First 500 gold
-First to comment correct amount of times I say ‚Map Control‘ wins 500 gold, make sure you add somewhere your WoT Account name and server. (Paul cant win this bit)
-Cant just spam every number and hope its correct it must be in a single comment. (I will reply to the comment of the winner saying they have won)

Second 500 Gold
-Anyone who puts the correct amount of times I say ‚Map Control‘ in the comments has a chance of winning 500 gold. Make sure you put WoT name and server, closes Monday the 16th of January 2017, must be subscribed to the channel to win the 500 gold, good luck 🙂
(If I get loads of correct answers then I may give away another 500 gold, impress me :P)


Thanks for watching, please subscribe as it is really helpful for my channel, also sharing any of my videos would also be amazing.
I try my best to get as much good quality World of Tanks content out as I possibly can so any support is hugely appreciated 😀

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  1. Sârbu Ionuț

    28 times , IoNuTzZ EU

  2. tom van der gun

    28 times walewijn_1 eu

  3. BlackNWhite _


  4. Sven Ruigewaard

    28 times. captsor, eu

  5. Juho Kuoppamaki

    28 times, Leijonatankki21, Eu

  6. Speed Mix

    28 times

  7. John Garvey

    24  -Grats on 500 subs. U never talk about map control but great game to show it.  I hope the new clan is working out .

  8. Duje_CRO_

    28 times
    nick : destroyet_0709
    server : EU

  9. Stijn Opmeer

    28 times I hoped you would speak some more about map control

  10. German Abad Corvo

    28 maps control
    EU server

  11. Adrian Lazar

    lol everyone said 28 so I'll say 28. Marian lol

  12. Bastin Juffer

    I guessing its 26 times because everyone says its 28 but you said micro map control 2 times so.. Ok nice vid
    Server: EU
    Username: bastin9

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