1. DERP TV

    Stale memes

  2. Super Trini Gamer

    This was better, I can't do better, I like it.

  3. TrickyNiki 44

    your Videos aren't funy

  4. Tim Kerman

    rekt plz

  5. FK2003

    Nice Ganeplays ^^
    I recoed that too…

  6. Alexis Rhod Rubio

    lol you didnt know that you no credits lol 3:00 hahaha busted

  7. Alexis Rhod Rubio

    guys heres the name of the music my hope will never die (remix) (^_^)/

  8. Nicholas Celine

    Which server?

  9. World of tanks Blitz asia like

    What music name at 2:00

  10. Erwin Rommel


  11. AlexWood

    What is the camo on your bots if called

  12. savage game

    also I subscribe

  13. savage game

    your videos are nice

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