About Ranked Battles in World of Tanks

I give my opinion of the state of ranked battles in World of Tanks.

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  1. Dhruvan G

    It's nice but it makes players selfish.

  2. Galaxy Wolf

    I don't think this game mode will work until WG changes how gold ammo works. Right now your at a disadvantage if you don't load majority gold and a few AP shells.

    IMO AP should be viable in just as much situations as HEAT. HEAT should do 33% less DMG or so.

  3. Liamv4696

    What about tier X tanks not having premium ammo, or only being able to purchase it for gold.

  4. remco moerland

    i had about a 75% winrate, ended rank 4. purely luck tho.

  5. Lev Marienbakh

    Maybe an idea to fix the selfishness:

    2 chevrons for a win, with the top 10 players getting it.
    1 chevron for a loss, with the top 5 players getting it.
    Increase the overall amount of chevrons needed for next rank by x1.5.

    Like so QuickyBaby can see.

  6. Venator- mc

    Your viewers are really dumb, and cancerous QB. Too bad your retarded viewers screw up your Channel.

  7. Marleau

    Fuck WG.

  8. Eirick Schule

    Hey quickybaby can you do a updated tank review on the Löwe

  9. Martyman

    I CANNOT PLAY THIS GAMEMODEI lived in the US when I started the game. Now I have permanently moved to Europe but have to continue playing on the US server.Next to the much higher ping, this means for me that clan wars is not an option and the new ranked battles also take place in the middle of the night.I have sent numerous tickets, but they refuse to move my account. I have offered to pay 25,000 Gold, cash or whatever, but all to no avail.I have played 30k + games, have 10 premium tanks, more than 10 tier 10 tanks. Their advice: start a new account on the EU server – are you kidding me?With all their investment in the game I cannot believe they do not allow server moves for payment or have implemented a shared server set-up. They say it is technically impossible – this is not true as they moved people over to the asia servers.The real reasons probably are: regional based marketing and worries about mass moves which – as long as they ask a significant amount of money for it – is not a risk.Very frustrated – have stopped playing the game until they allow server moves.

  10. FlyingLunatic

    Im boycotting this crap mode and soon I probably will stop playing random battles too… The ranked battles takes upp too much time from the usual grind…

  11. Glade8ter

    ty for explaining how to get chevs on losing teams by camping – almost all my games tonight had teams with at least half the roster who never even left the cap area. 🙁

  12. Robert

    Dont play it!
    admiral ackbar voice
    Its a Trap!

  13. Moonman

    You were playing with Shoikisch

  14. SgtSchlautter

    enhanced equipment would be fine if it was exclusive to ranked battles. that way it would offer a slight advantage to people who want to climb up the ladder

  15. Sassy Saddles

    i think ranked games should be to tier 8-10

  16. Rod Sernesi

    I agree with most of the comments, and with QB. Ranked can be interesting, but have to be reworked.
    First, remove the chevron for top 3 losing. Just the winning team get it, and ok, the top 12. This should remove the camping and promote cooperation, to win.
    Second, efficiency can't be based on chevron efficiency. We have seen people with just 10 battles achieving the 2nd league. Give a weight for played battles and damage dealed.
    Third, going on with stages, become harder and harder to enter the leader board. This would make possible to reach the top for very few people. This elite will have about 24k bonds at the end of the season. Impressive.
    Fourth, I see a good option to use also encounter battles, to force players to do something. Not just camping and waiting for the bear to come.

  17. Stewart Townley

    I've played a few games but I'm not really interested in that game mode. I do play arty though, obj 261 works fairly well 🙂


    Hey everyone wot is a free to lose game sooo pay to win yeaa

  19. P VX

    "But the rocks weren't quick enough to get to the cap."

    I think QuickyBaby's analogies are starting to unravel…

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