AMX 13 90 – Light Tank Ammo Limits – World Of Tanks

Since being moved to tier 9, the AMX 13 90 French light tank from WoT is much better. But does it have enough ammunition to carry the game?

Bat Chat 25t Ammo Critical
Bat chat 12t 1v5


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Is this where World of Tanks is heading? „Premium Ammo Spam – The Future of World of Tanks?“

Let me know your thoughts!


  1. The Legend27

    If he didnt shoot the arty he might have won

  2. The Legend27

    Draw is also a loss

  3. Poor Coyote

    Bigger the clip the more awkward it is to play in my opinion, sure its awesome if you can unload 6-10 shots into someone but in most cases it just leaves you in stupid situations when you have 2 or 3 shells left from 6 and you either go with that 2-3 shots or reload for over 30 seconds.

  4. Mihailo Pisanjuk

    Going for a draw is just a dick move. That way no one wins. No one gets extra credits and xp and it still counts as a lost game in your service record I think.
    He must've been panicking a bit too, but like you said. He could've tried to ram Skorpion and save his hp more. I was genuinly surprised that the Skorpion was looking in his direction before getting spotted though.

  5. Desto C

    The new AMX 13 90 is so much better. Totally love it. I love it since it was in Tier8.

  6. KSI is a pedo


  7. KSI is a pedo

    lego tank is back, not in 0-1 this time, in a 13 90 instead.

  8. Pavel Truska

    I think WG could implement some additional deploy of ammo on the field when tank do more than 80 perc of its potential damage and use all its ammo.Tank then drive through the ammo and will be given additional 10 rounds . That might be more epic.

  9. wood1155

    God it's just not working for me, this new light tank world. I have almost dropped all light tank action from my play.

  10. Herr Schicklgruber

    Yet the Chrysler K can carry one hundred 105mm shells. IRL each about three feet long with a combined weight of about two tons. Where the fuck would they put these shells, and where would the engine fit? WG has recently boasted of "historical accuracy and realistic gameplay". If that's the case then I totally understand the French running like little bitches. They're not shooting jack.

  11. Xaintailles

    You can say that he is carefull with his shots, but the shots on the arties are clearly just him waiting for the RU to put one in before he can get the kill ….

  12. Mihajlo Cvijetić

    He would have had 3 extra shells left if only he let Ru kill the artys.

  13. TJ CAT

    My boi CF making the plays >.>