AMX „ABSOLUTELY CLINICAL!“ MLE. 48 – World of Tanks Console | EOYG Best of the Rest #1


World of Tanks: Xbox One – AMX AC mle. 48 Gameplay
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  1. dicky robertsuciker

    Long live the BATHTUB !!!!

  2. Brent Himmenger

    Architectural Clinic/character GG

  3. John Frei

    Absolutely Crushing!

  4. Braaidude

    Imma gonna get me one…

  5. Jasen Jahn

    Ass crack

  6. Braaidude

    Abraham Churchill?

  7. S41elite

    Autoloader crusher!

    At least, on pc it has a 120mm autoloader, 3 shots, if I am not mistaken. An absolutely power house cleaning monster.

    And we are on 196likes!! Yeah! Bring it on! More of this monster tank!

  8. A.T.L.A.S

    You pronounce my name better than i do lol