Are T10 Light Tanks Worth it in World of Tanks?

World of Tanks. T10 light tanks have been out for a year! Today I’m talking about my experiences with all of them and recommending if they’re worth it!

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  1. ibarix

    QuickyBaby, here is an idea – video about imbalanced maps (and what classes prefer what maps). vbaddict says Mines is the most unbalanced map favoring one side. Should be a cool research. Best/worst maps for scouts, meds etc. based on win % for the class on the map.

  2. Ian Bird

    New heavier meds at tier ten make lights obsolete,new soviet tech tree make most other tanks obsolete lol

  3. William Lattanzio

    Sheridan is okay…good gun, nice view range, but sluggish with mediocre camo at best (full trained 100% camo crew, BIA, and camo on the tank).

    The problem is passive scouting is dead after 7, and with most tier X tanks having fully trained crews, the light camo rating doesn't count for much. So you are basically a faster medium with lower hit points and worse pen and DPM

  4. Simon Lamm

    qb remember the sheridan can use a 152 mm with 0.6 accuracy

  5. Jason Holanda

    I hope WG will give back the great view range the LTs once had…

  6. Liviu Dinca

    i belive lights are so fun , see this replay QB
    and maybe you like it to post it 😉

  7. Björn Mätal

    Huh, it's been a year already? Lights are still unreasonably weak, and the promised ricochet mechanics changes are still nowhere. Nope, still not feeling the desire to go back to WoT.

  8. Jiri Slavik

    im new and i suck. but i dont understand how you can be in the middle, in open and not get bombed by artillary

  9. xattrack

    game is ruined since they sold to USA

  10. suteners2111

    just dont play tier 9-10

  11. Doogle Ticker

    Dude, are your subs falling? It was a good run, but are you no longer "the voice"? Have you been purchased by WG? That sucks, you used to be the "go to" source for info and objectivity. Now when I watch your vidz, you sound like you work for WG's pathetic marketing dept. Come on QB, you can still relate to regular players without forwarding ridiculous Bello-Russian f***-ups as "development"…nobody expects WG to get it right all the time; they do expect a fair amount of pay to get an edge (unless they don't understand that WG needs to make real money to survive – within a "fair" margin)…

    Light tanks are too shite! Period. TDs are too powerful in most cases. Arty is "starting" to make sense.

    Players will never be 100% happy. BUT a serious flaw is the lack of variety of MAPS. Perfection in balance is destroying reality and makes the game BORING. More variety works in both senses…sometimes ya get a micro advantage, other times you have to think!!

    QB – reinvent yourself. Stop with the corporate BS and be bolder on issues that mean something to the regular players.

    Still a fan,

  12. Benedek Zsolt

    WZ-132-1 is ok

    when it finally hits something.

  13. Johan Vanopakker

    I really want James May from Top Gear to review the tanks of wot.