ARL 44 CARL World of Tanks Blitz Gameplay

The Tier 6 French Heavy nick named cARL 44 is here! It’s actually…kind of…an actual….Heavy Tank which is surprising considering from Ten to eight is made up of pretend heavies which go faster than anyone else and are as delicate as a choclate tea pot.

So it was with a huge sense of relief that i got to roll this thing out and actually bounce some shots, sidescrape and generally bash the 1 line for justice and victory.

It’s also got god like pen on its 90mm gun so enjoy that 🙂

Rock on amigos!!!

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  1. Luthadie

    Bushka…. which is the best tier 6 heavy in your opinion?

  2. Jan Siok

    7 cockhead disliked this videos

  3. ventaur onyedi

    if the arl shows the side of the hull or the side of the turret to a kv2, it would turn it into french fries

  4. Gj Dj

    Garbage tank. Attracts noob teammates like flies to shit. Sold.

  5. John Earl Kaller

    Bushka on blitz, I just wanted to know if you're playing "also" World of tanks PC

  6. gajender yadav

    no matter how op it is, 34-85 kill it easily…..

  7. Teen Wizarth

    like the description 😛

  8. The 44th Cosmic _Galaxy

    kv-2 can one shot it 😀

  9. Vratrix The Gamer

    MAybe u ushould make a guide on the b1

  10. Vratrix The Gamer

    I want to get the carl, but the problme is the grind to get the BDR is a pain (b1) it even has difficulty to pen his own kind except if u use prammo, but i wont bring all my ammo prammo, i would be bankrupt in a few rounds, so i am abandoning this line for a while

  11. _AkumaGaming_

    You are using the french tanks wrong, you gotta retreat!


    This tank is so OP

  13. Andrew Do

    lol it really annoys me for some reason when you hit adrenaline when u have only 1 shot at a tank

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