ARL 44 FULLY UPGRADED! – Road to Tier Ten – French Heavies (WoT PS4) #13

Ben gets the final package unlocked on the ARL 44 and takes it for a spin on World of Tanks Console!
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  2. Kennedy Slusher

    I cant wait to get my t35/2 i just dont have enough credits


    why do you care

  4. Maddog STS

    Ben, surprised you didn't sidescrape the corner on that last game. Either way, nice games, well played with low health.

  5. jordan robinson

    Your the biggest console world of tanks player you are the only person that can get a point across, can you please try and get the arc view on the artillery p.s your great keep it up man

  6. Peter Kirk

    could someone please explain to me how the scoring on world of tanks works i had a score of 1200 stars in a game. but my main star tally only went up a few

  7. blake copeland

    any tips for using the arl 44 going to get it once I'm done training my BDR crew sixth sense

  8. Midget Tosser

    You have my condolences in advance for the AMX M4 45 when you get it.

  9. Pyro Stevie

    Nice! I just got the AMX 50 100 today. These tanks become a whole new beast once you get to tier 8. It feels weird playing a heavy tank with an auto-loader lol but I'm starting to get used to it

  10. osp80

    believe you'll want to soften up the grin for the tier 7…

  11. kO JcP

    The ARL 44 fully maxed isn't bad at all in fact with that gun the best tier 6 heavy. The AMX M4 45 at tier 7 is alright in my opinion, has the the same great gun. Tier 8 and on wards is where the fun begins all superb tanks and finally the AMX 50 B is a Godly tank. I've been through this tank line the 50 B is first tier 10 and I love it.

  12. yellow gamer11

    what is the point of apcr?? it's got 212 pen


    I CACKLED when that French elc arty rammed that O-NI. God's wounds! I think you know now what I was talking about with the DCA 45, right? It's the most troll gun  I've ever used besides the SU100-M1's top 100mm gun. The M4 45 is like a very, very bad version of the T29, and with the 105, it's at least comparable as you can go hulldown and do about the same damage, trust me it's not a dirty gun for that tank. You'll need it to carry any tight matches.

  14. Ian

    aye..teach us how to use autoloaders in different maps,pls

  15. Sabri Gaddari

    I've almost unlocked the top gun on the amx 50 120 though grind

  16. AshGBoxing

    105mm on this gun is good enough for tier 6, the 90mm is just kinda meh in my opinion for the arl. AMX m4 45 needs the 90mm though

  17. Jake Kelly

    love u xx