ARMA 2 Wasteland – Tank Sniper

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  1. TrukoFresh

    Wasteland servers please!!!

  2. Afasand94


  3. serge ricohermoso

    hahahah he shooting friendly fire dude are serious

  4. ampeater777

    So many friendly kills lol

  5. space_helly

    do you know, ccg arma 2 servers are down forever?

  6. Ralphyyy

    how did he connect? i thought the servers in arma2 are gone?

  7. :::Warghoul:::

    Living my Wasteland vicariously through Devil. Always up for more Wasteland Devil

  8. Sir Sauce

    I still wanna know this server

  9. Dan Morincar


  10. Conscious

    What server is / was this?

  11. Equilibrium

    CCG Arma 2 Wasteland is dead now 🙁

  12. Kyle Berube

    RIP ccg and RIP the better wasteland servers

  13. Randy Hayes

    Awesome! I like this kinda of game play