Armour Angling & Side Scraping Explained | War Thunder BluePrints

Angling your armour correctly can mean the difference between an incoming shot bouncing off or killing you. But why does it work, and how much should you angle?


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[Outro] Tristam – Frame of Mind
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  1. MikeGoesBoom

    What other topics do you want to see?

  2. Xplosive Boomerang

    Lol if you want to angle, go watch world of tanks videos….

  3. NeuKrofta

    Guess no one has noticed yet that gaijin replaces 90° with 0° …
    Because in Russian world vertical is somehow 0°

  4. 이규민

    What mode is that from 5:46 to 6

  5. Mike M.

    You need a PREMIUM ACCOUNT to make angling to work in this game. Everybody know this.

  6. DanBot

    Both of these things were started it WoT.

  7. TheSleepingInsomniac

    This taught be how to urinate into a urinal without wanting to die

  8. Kevineitor199

    This became obsolet witb the ovematching shit

  9. SpiritTheWolf26 -

    "game mechanics"? that's how reality works, my friend…

  10. endofu meulensteen

    this is a silly joke

  11. Cybic2


  12. Sir Illuminar The Valient

    Sherman has thicker front armor than t-34 lol. But it’s at a bad slope

  13. Meepo Bellic

    Instructions not clear , people can still pen my sides with angles similar to rubbing knives. Oh wait. WT physics. Nvm.

  14. carbon21111

    Angling doesnt work in WT, t-34 kill you anyway

  15. Finn Siemetzki

    What is the song in the beginning called?
    Please tell me

  16. Demogamez

    U german?

  17. Zachary Pflieger

    What is that map or player mode that lets you test on every tank?

  18. theScottishKoala

    What do you call a massive problem everybody missed?

    The Fulda Gap

  19. David Urban

    Why are pirates called pirates?

    Because they arrrr

  20. Kekistani Attack Helicopter

    You have a really dirty mind Mike. To expose Tigers ammo racks like it's nothing.