1. Paul A

    I found this to be the BEST settings for no lag gaming!

  2. DragonOver Cannon

    How have you not added Overwatch..?

  3. Rob Dean

    went to check my network from the video's url for my router, says its a dangerous site fyi…

  4. Andrew Brinkman

    What's that track playing??

  5. honda2000555

    If the game you are playing is not in the list how does we do it?

  6. papinbala

    Mannn who the hell needs all this bullshit options. why cant it just run as fast as it can from what the provider is giving it. thats it

  7. Aluka Lwaara

    Can i use this to split my internet bandwith fifty fifty between 2 computers ?

  8. Pavel105

    Thats a crap not a QoS. I need to control bandwidth by IP, limiting my guests speeds, not this useless service qos control.

  9. mlody me

    I have RT-AC68U with the latest firmware and each time I download any patches or game updates I consume all available bandwidth to the point that all of the other clients on the network struggle to even browse the internet, forget streaming anything in the HD. How can I enable that a specific computer can only consume a set bandwidth for download and upload. Let's say my Comcast connection is 75mbps down and 10mbps up, I would like to set a specific limit for my desktop to not consume more than 50 mbps down and 5 mbps up all the time. Is that possible, and if so, where/how do I do that? Thanks

  10. Mario Rosales

    i cant find the download and upload bandwith from my connection im currently with comcast

  11. haden tate

    why cant they make something like DD-wrt that is 3party and its soooo goood

  12. mhaeren faith castillo

    I am not computer savvy. I just need some help on speeding up my connection. I work at home as a tutor. I often use skype. However, the quality of the video lessens since I am not the only one who uses the internet. Is it possible to have higher bandwidth with my laptop since it is directly connected to the router? Can I setup this myself? If so how can I do that?

  13. Jack Sparrow

    This video does not really help!!! seriously ASUS do you know how to configure QOS so games will not lag?

  14. WR3ND

    Oh yeah… this is my jam.

  15. NippleProdigy

    what is the difference between putting tcp or udp

  16. ashish paralkar

    amazing…just what i needed to throttle my mom who accidentally goes to 1080p on youtube even though shes on an android phone with 4.7" display, and then I cant stream HD myself on PC

  17. Adolfo Lorenzo

    I don't understand I need someone to do it for me

  18. Lksoft 88

    How to setup steam dota2…?i just dun wan when i plying dota 2 will lag,coz my family will see youtube…

  19. Belleye

    I would not buy this router again (not that I have anything better). I've played around for hours trying to reduce lag when people are watching Netflix or playing Minecraft. I wish it was as easy as this video.

  20. sergio morales

    What about black ops 3

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